Prepare for Ural Steel
Tankers, most of you have already heard rumours of the great news. Wargaming will be hosting another Ural Steel tournament with lots of prize money. The four best European teams will qualify for an exciting offline event in Moscow and compete against the best World of Tanks teams from all over the world. As the rules for the Ural Steel tournament are different to the common EU 7on7 rules, we want to give you the chance to test your tactics and enter the battlefield as a prepared unit. On top of that you can also win some great gold prizes and maybe even a rare World of Warplanes beta code.

General Information

  • Ural Steel preparation cup
  • Tuesday, 31st of July 2012 - 19:00 CET
  • Official Ural Steel rulebook
  • Top 3 teams win prizey
  • 95.000 + 10 WoWP closed beta keys


  • Team size - 7 players + 3 Substitutes. Team must be fully registered and accepted before playing (A reserve player may replace a primary player at any time)
  • Maximum Tier 8 vehicles, no specific vehicle limitation
  • Total tier points for a team must not exceed 42 points, if any team member is missing, these total tier points are reduced by 1 per missing player
  • Each battle lasts for 10 minutes
  • Premium tanks, shells and consumables is allowed



Place Prize
1st 5000 + a World of Warplanes closed beta key per player
2nd 3000 per player
3rd 1500 per player

Total prizes: 95,000

After winning gold, you have to send us a list of which players should receive it via support ticket.

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To participate in this preparation tournament you have to create a new team and add a maximum of 10 players to the team. If you don't know how to create a team check out our guide.

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Ural Steel 2012

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