Go4WoT enters its second season
Since its establishment in 2011, over 60 cups have been played in Go4WoT, one of the biggest World of Tanks cup series worldwide. Now Go4WoT enters its second season. In addition to the extra gold prizes we recently announced, we will also feature an updated map pool. As usual for a new season, the scoreboard will be reset to 0. New and old teams both have the same chance to gain a better seeding.

How Go4WoT works

  • Weekly cup every Sunday
  • Top 8 teams earn points for the monthly ranking
  • Weekly prize purse: €1,400
  • Top 8 teams of each month qualify for the monthly final
  • Monthly finals prize purse: €1,750

Win 1,400 € and 196,000 every Sunday

Place Sunday
1st 100 Points + 400 €
2nd 75 Points  +  250 €
3rd 60 Points  +  200 €
4th 40 Points  +  150 €
5-8th 25 Points  +  100 €
9-16th 10,500   (7x 1,500 )
17-32nd 7,000     (7x 1,000 )

Total prizes: 1,400 € and 196,000

How can I play in Go4WoT?

All you need to play in Go4WoT cups is a clan or team to play with and an ESL player account. Click here to learn how to register and create an ESL team account.
If you want to know how to sign up for a Go4WoT cup, click here.

What are the rules?

  • 7on7
  • Single Elimination
  • Best of 1
  • Semifinals + Finals: best of 3
  • Timelimit: 10 minutes

What maps will be played?

For season 2 we have updated the map pool. Alongside 4 maps from the first season, 4 new maps have been added to the map pool, providing a total of 8 great battlefields.
Maps from season 1:New maps for season 2:


Here you have an overview of the first dates of the second season of Go4WoT. For the following months the weekly cups will also be Sundays and the monthly finals on Tuesdays two weeks after the last monthly qualifier.

Go4WoT August
05.08.2012 15:00 pmGo4WoT #63
12.08.2012 15:00 pmGo4WoT #64
19.08.2012 15:00 pmGo4WoT #65
26.08.2012 15:00 pmGo4WoT #66
11.09.2012 18:00 pmGo4WoT #67

Feel free to join the battle and win money for your clan.
For more information just check out the Go4WoT Portal

Go4WoT Portal

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If you have any problems or questions, feel free to ask!

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Go4WoT Portal
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