Go4WoT has a golden lining!
Commanders, we have great news for you! Go4WoT has a golden lining. Next to the money prizes for the top 8, teams will also be able to win a lot of gold. From Go4WoT #60 the places 9-32 will be rewarded with great gold prizes.
Read the following news to find out how much you can win and how you can claim your prize.

Win 1.400 € and 196.000 every Sunday

Place Sunday
1st 100 Points + 400 €
2nd 75 Points  +  250 €
3rd 60 Points  +  200 €
4th 40 Points  +  150 €
5-8th 25 Points  +  100 €
9-16th 10.500   (7x 1.500 )
17-32nd 7.000     (7x 1.000 )

Total prizes: 1.400 € and 196.000

The next 5 Go4WoT Cups

22.07.2012 15:00 CET Sign Up Go4WoT #60
29.07.2012 15:00 CET Sign Up Go4WoT #61
05.08.2012 15:00 CET Sign Up Go4WoT #63
12.08.2012 15:00 CET Sign Up Go4WoT #64
19.08.2012 15:00 CET Sign Up Go4WoT #65

How to claim your prize

If your team is one of the lucky winners, you have to claim your gold via support ticket. Only this way you will be able to receive your gold.
The support ticket must contain the gameaccounts of the seven players who played at least one match. Only a total of 7 players can get gold. It is not able to split the gold to more players.

Example Support Ticket:

Section: Europe World of Tanks
Subject: Gold for Go4WoT #XY
Team (optional): Select your Cup Team

Hi Admin Team,

Here is the list of the players who receive gold.

Team: Your Cup Team
Cup: Go4WoT #XY
Rank: 9 - 16 / 17 - 32
Place: XY

Here are the Gameaccounts:

Maxporwer, N00b, john, robby, richard, gerry, tigerman,

Team Leader

Claim your gold here!

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If you have any problems or questions, feel free to ask!

Best regards
Your Admin Team
Venom, Sunday, 15/07/12 15:19
comments (9)
nice <3
BAAAAMMM yeah :)
Had to be done sooner because this is good motivation to fight for smth.
excellent news!
Now I only need a team! :D
Great step! Thanks!
very nice thank you :)
how long we have to wait for the gold?
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