VERSUS. - New mode 3on3
Dear Tankers, after using the 1on1 mode in VERSUS. for many weeks we now want to try out a new system. The mode we picked is completely to World of Tanks so please read the following news carefully so you know what to do. Due to the fact that we can only have one mode at the time (at the moment) we will turn off the 1on1 mode. If you still want to play 1on1 then join our ladder and you can also win gold. We will introduce the max. tier 4 as a ladder as soon as possible.

What is VERSUS.?

VERSUS. is the latest in the new generation of ESL features designed to be easier than ever before. With only 3 clicks you will be put together in a match with skill balanced teammates and opponents. After the match is over, it is just one click to report the result and the rankings are updated instantly.

It has never been easier!

How to play VERSUS.?


WoT EU - 3on3

Of course there are some rules for the VERSUS matches. You can always have a look at the rules while inside VERSUS., there is a small "rules" button above the clouds list.
  • System: 3 vs 3
  • Timelimit: 10 minutes
  • Available Tanks: All tanks up to tier 8 (no SPGs)
  • Map pool: Mines, Murovanka, Ensk (restricted: city only!!!)
  • Base capture is not allowed
  • If a match is a draw, you have to enter "draw" as a result!

You will play 3 vs 3 and best of 1 on one map. Only tier 8 tanks or lower (no SPGs) are allowed to participate.

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Good luck and have fun everyone!

Best regards
your admin team
sne, Wednesday, 26/10/11 17:14
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comments (7)
what abuot prizes?
Is this 3on3 ladder or cup?
Yeah, what about prices?))
T10 3on3 would be awesome ^^
the city restrictions, are they already set in the map ore is this left to the players ?
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We are NOT Wargaming, so we cannot give you restricted maps like you meant with your post. You have to look out for the restricted zones yourself.

It is neither a ladder nor a cup, its a "find a team and opponents quickly and play" system.
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