ESL wants YOU!!!
Since the Electronic Sports League is constantly growing we also need more competent admins to make sure everything is working how it should be. After introducing three new ladders the World of Tanks section is in desperate need of new reliable admins. If you meet all requirements and think YOU are the person we are looking for, don't be afraid and send us your application.


Our requirements:
  • At least 16 years of age
  • A good knowledge of the English language
  • A good knowledge of the game and the scene
  • A sense of responsibility, reliability and flexibility
    Neutrality and objectivity in decision making
  • Understanding the nature of conflicts and being able to resolve them
  • Capability of working in a dynamic team


General tasks:
  • Working on tickets via Supportsystem
  • Settling of protests
  • Checking of gameaccount changes and league joins

Other tasks:
  • Planning and supporting cups

Our admins will be rewarded with free ESL premium and Trusted.
For more information check out this site.

!!! Apply Now !!!

Best regards
your admin team
sne, Wednesday, 05/09/12 18:47
Admins Wanted!
Apply now!
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we are a really dedicated team and we are looking forward to get to know real WoT fans who want to be the best admins in the universe!
:( wot admin were nice but my english is very bad :S
Already sent an application :P Thank you for giving us the possibility to become admin.
Applied. Nothing to lose, eh? :)
By the way what reply time shall we expect?
3-4 Weeks means your application got a chance ;>. So if you do not hear something from us after 2 weeks it means you did a good application :P.
I hope it´s Ok that i applied in German, the sheet was in that language, so i wrote everything in German.

Greetz Mike
No, you must write the application in english.
am i allowed to write a second application in english then ? :) Sad it didn´t say it on the "Admin Application" Site.

And another Question, do we get the Answer on the ESL Mailbox or on our Email Accounts ?
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Email account. And yes, you can write as much applications as you want. Also, the application is for the international section, sure that it must be in english ;>.
So if we didn't received any answer for the previous one it's a 'NO'?
No, that means that we have not yet decided about your application. You will always get an answer to your application, even if its a "no".
The odd thing about your answer is, it will be in your native tounge even if you filled out your application in english. As if any admin knew Turkish in my case. Been there done that guys, you didn't want me and didn't care to explain why you didn't want me in even one sentence. So knock yourselves out.

Just posting this to give a heads-up to all those guys who are ambitious, don't get your hopes high, because chances are you'll get frustrated.
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