1on1 Heavy Tanks Ladder open now!
After announcing the 1on1 Medium Tanks ladder we will now also start a 1on1 Heavy Tanks Ladder. Most of the settings will be similar to those in the Medium Tanks ladder. For more details please read our WoT 1on1 Heavy Tanks rules.



  • System: 1 vs 1
  • Timelimit: 10 minutes
  • Mappool: Ensk, Himmelsdorf, Ruinberg

Tank regulations

  • Tanks: You are only allowed to use Heavy Tanks
  • Tier level: The maximum tierlevel is 8
  • Goldproducts: Goldammo, Goldconsumables and Premium vehicles are allowed
  • Every kind of skins and mods are allowed, if not forbidden in other parts of the rules


All players must have their own ESL player account to be allowed to play in ESL competitions. All players have to enter their World of Tanks account (European Server) as a game account on the ESL website. This account has to be used in all ESL competitions.


One round will be played. Possible results are: 1:0, 0:1 or 0:0. If there is entered any other result, it will be displayed as result faking


Since World of Tanks maps are designed for 15 vs 15 matches we have restricted the 3 maps in the mappool. The default map is Ensk. You can arrange to play a different map out of the mappool.
Click on the following links to see the restrictions.

Leaving the restricted area will result in a loss and the player will also receive 1 penalty point.

For all other rules please check our 1on1 Heavy Tanks rulebook.

Sign up!

If you have any problems or questions, please write a support ticket!

Have fun with this new ladder an see you on the battlefield!

Best regards
your admin team
ESLJulia, Saturday, 01/10/11 12:59
WoT 1on1 Heavy Tanks Ladder Rules
WoT 1on1 Heavy Tanks Ladder Signup
WoT 1on1 Ladder Support
comments (12)
i wanna play, but i got no email to start :(
what? no email to start? how can we fix that?
you are already in the ladder. If there is still a problem contact me.
Best regards
Are premium tanks allowed there?
yes they are
i smell T30 rampage :P
max. tier 8
when or how does it start
it already has started
it isn't a cup. you can sign in and play when ever you want
Ensk image not working. Fix it
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