7on7 Ruleupdates *Update*
Commanders, since World of Tanks became an eSports title the rules and meta game were a continuously developing process. To keep World of Tanks an attractive title and give teams and players as many tactical possibilities as possible we came up with several rules, such as tier limitations and others. After following the process in the past months and gathering feedback from the community we have now come up with some rule changes. Check out the following news to find out what exactly will change in future.

Tier Limitations

Recent Wargaming tournaments allowed us to see how games were played and balanced and we surprised to see how well the matches went. The community was sceptical about the tier 8 artilleries, but this wasn't such a common tactic as many thought. Therefor we decided to remove all limitations. In future we will remove all limitations, besides the general 42 tierpoints and the max. tier 8.

2.7.2. Tank regulations
  • Teams may contain tanks of different nations
  • Premium vehicles are allowed
  • Every kind of skins and mods are allowed, if not forbidden in other parts of the rules
  • Vehicle tier limit for all tanks is 8
  • Total amount of vehicle tiers in one team must not exceed 42 points (7 players). If a player is missing in a battle, the maximum tier points are reduced by 6 per missing player.

Tank Picking

To add a new tactical aspect to the games we have now included tank picking. Tank picking means that first one team will pick 2 tanks and then the other until both teams picked all 7 tanks. Once tanks were picked, they cannot be changed for this battle any more.

2.7.3. Pre-battle
Battles are created by one of the team captains. The team with the better seeding (1 is the best) picks the starting position and also picks their first 2 tanks.

In the semifinals and Finals the positions will be picked the same as in the monthly finals:

  • 1. Map: Team with the better seeding picks starting position and their first 2 tanks
  • 2. Map: Team with the lower seeding picks starting position and their first 2 tanks
  • 3. Map: Team with the better seeding picks starting position and their first 2 tanks

Participating in Go4WoT

Since Go4WoT is continuously growing we decided that teams are only allowed to participate in one Go4WoT cup per week. Teams must decide if they want to play in the CiS or EU region. With this rule we want to avoid possible delays by teams participating in both tournaments.

1.6. Participating in Go4WoT
Teams and players may only participate in one Go4WoT cup per week. This includes the EU and CiS region. Teams ignoring this rule will be punished with a section ban.

Screenshot reminder

Next to the rule changes we would also like to remind you about the existing screenshot rule.

2.4.2. Missing screenshots
Team captains are responsible for uploading all mandatory screenshots to the matchsheet on the ESL website immediately after the match. Missing Screenshots will result in 1 penalty point and a disqualification.

It is enough if only one team uploads a screenshot.

The Rules are in force from now on. Only exception is the August monthly finals. Since the cups to qualify for this cup were played with the old rulebook the finals will also be played with the old rulebook.
If you have any problems or questions, feel free to ask!

Best regards
Your Admin Team
sne, Thursday, 30/08/12 12:17
comments (23)
When the rules will be introduced in go4wot tournaments? It's only info about the future, but when? Go4WoT #68 will be the first with this rules?
Rules are already implemented into the rulebooks.
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And what about the month's finals this weekend?
Normaly it should be effective right now.
the august monthly finals will stick to the old rulebook as written.
So.. arty max 8?
Yes, arty max 8.
Rules wrote:
2.7.3. Pre-battle
... The team with the higher seeding picks the starting position...

1. or 128. is higher seeding?
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So the question is: Is it allowed to play for ex. 5x AMX 50 100 and 2xT1 Cunningham? There is no limitation about picking the tanks?

And what means:

"Teams may contain tanks of different nations"

Team is forced to have min 1 tanks from all nations or it's not regulated?
no limits at all
you can take 7 french tanks if you want.

you can also pick any nation. there is no need for at least one tank from each nation
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2.7.3 will be hard to enforce
1.6 is good idea
t8 arty is "omgwtf"
Nice job again by ESL why not sunday morning the news?

Maybe teams need time to play with new tactics or think about setups?
Tank tier limit was great ... you just break all balance with T8 arty ...!
GJ sne and venom! :)
That's stupid. So much randomness in games now and with 8t arty it will only increase.
this Tank picking is silly.... i dont see how it will be inforced since you cant document it, nor do i see the point in it
HAHAHAHA this rules suxx. I have one question.
WoT Esl Staff are u drunken or stoned?
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I'd introduce replays instead of screenshots.
Yes,replays are much more interesting !
Arty lvl 8 - guys its the most played format now, on ru server, WCQ, ural stell, all play with the same rule,so its better to have one rule for all tournaments,then special rules for each tournament.
Good Job Sne and Co
I like it.
Artillery 8 tier - you took powders?
Urgent : PLZ Remove Arty T8 rule when we play T8 max its insane !
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