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[Recruitment] *** Teams searching players ***
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If your team is looking for new players you can post it here. Please do not open a topic for it.
We Search good Players or a Team.

contact via msg or visit: evolution-wave.de

Dark Mortals are recruiting!

For more information visit: http://darkmortals.enjin.com/
We are looking for German Players to play the EPS Qualification. Players should have time to play on Thursday in the last Qualifier.

Kontakt me via msg, xfire or ICQ.
French team recrute all level tank go onhttp://teamiklashwot.xooit.fr/index.php  for more information.

** deleted **
Old Army Platoon are always looking for mature gamers aged 25+
minimum tier 7 tank or tier 5 arty

visit www.oldarmyplatoon.enjin.com

welcome to the retierment home
D[N]A are looking for more players : visit us at http://dna-multi-gaming.net or come chat to us on #D[N]A (QuakeNet)
** deleted **
** deleted **
Please write in English. This is the European section of the ESL where English is mandatory
The 43rd Panzer Division recruits!

The 43rd Panzer Division investigated a variety of support for the joint fight!

We are a clan of the two companies WoT consists of 42PD and 43PD. Both companies have experienced WoT players who like to wear on your knowledge to new members, but also happy to learn every day.

There are soon new targets that can be achieved only with a strong community and we need YOU!

We are looking for all types of vehicles, is only important for us that YOU are also specialized and really not plowed back and forth across the vegetable garden!

Remember: Only those who have come to know everything, can make a choice! If your very new in WoT since, you can also give our veterans possibly decision aids, what you should you specialize.

We are looking for players who are willing to work together towards a common goal, to be strong together. Foes defy. WoT to better understand and make each map on each map to a better world.

The 43rd Panzerdivsion looking forward to your applications.

What we expect from you:

1) Team Speak 3
2) Minimum 18 years
3) an adult behavior that promotes the community and not interfere
4) Teamwork
5) Teamwork
6) Teamw .... oh well, you guys know


Ingame channel: 1 German recruitment
Homepage: http://www.42pd.co-re.eu
Contact: Bleizi, KingManu, Panzerpiet
Teamspeak: TS3.va gae.eu: 9989 Password is available on request.
Nerd Ballers Gaming We're a new multigaming community and hopes to find as many members as possible.
Go to our website and check it out. If you want to create a team for a game, tell me.

- Complete our application (http://nb-gaming.net/application)
- Must be mature and 16+ (Exceptions made for mature younger players)
- Able to work as a team and compete together as a unit.
- Must play one of the games we play
- Must be able to communicate in [ English ] with a working microphone and [ Mumble ] (With some exceptions)

Thank you for your time and we I wish you the best.

For Questions please Email us at duredax@hotmail.se

Website: Nb-gaming.net

Leader: Duredax
Head Officer: Thom

Means of Contact:
Email: duredax@hotmail.com
Skype: patrick.10234
Violent eSports team addiction active player

We offer:

- Web Site: http://team-violent-esport.de (No Free Homepage)
- Servers, Teamspeak
- Sponsors
- Active every day

We are looking for:

- Team player
- Be active
- Flame OFF
- Ages 16 +

Possible contact by PM or ESL look past the TS ip can be found on our website.
We are looking for new players to improve our lineup. 

What we are looking/ awaiting for ...
- TPro/T3 ESL Account
- Wot-Account (min. Tier8 HT elite, T-50 elite, T1 elite)
- min. 18 Years
- destination (eps/go4wot)
- reliability

For further information feel free to contact me. but only via esl pm.

best regards,
logiX partyarthi

InCardia Cord: Interessiert hat mich nie dein Team, sondern nur der EPS Slot.
Shiny Division is recruiting.

We are playing Clanwars and ESL.
At the moment we are setting up a second team for ESL, interested ???
We are looking for skilled players with at least 1 CW vehicle.

please contact me or go to the Shiny forum: www.shiny.tk
we are searching for active players...

if u want some info about us: contact me with pm
cHaos-eSport recruiting German Players for Clanwars & ESL.

For more info, contact:

xFire: de1chk1nd
W.o.T. Player: kooiZEN
W.o.T. Team : 1CESL
** deleted **
Please write in english. This is the european section of the ESL where english is mandatory.

Niveau ist keine Hautcreme.
We from TEW-Gaming are search for new World of Tanks players, to improve our ESL Pro Series lineup for the year 2012.

Which prerequisites you must satisfy:

- from German-speaking room
- TPro/T3 ESL account
- at least 16 years
- reliability

In addition, which things would desirably be (not duty):

- league experience in WoT cups (EPS; Ladder and Go4WoT)
- WoT account (min. tank of animal 8 or min Arty animal 5)
- ESL Premium

If you are interested please write a ESL message or a email to destroyer@tew-gaming.de

Team: http://www.esl.eu/de/team/6241818

Yours sincerely
Marvin "Destroyer1721" Horstmann
** deleted **
Zaraki Kenpachi wrote:
Please write in english. This is the european section of the ESL where english is mandatory.
Spartan.Warrior it's a romanian team but recruit all nation of players who want to join just search team Spartan.Warrior and click join

minim tier 7 arty 5
Hi tank driver,
We, the PFL (Pfälzische Legion), looking for you
We play WoT since the beta and are now about 90 members!
We are a pure Funclan who wants to go but clanwar,Company Battles and in the future Esl Battles!
We have both older players (veterans), as well as younger ones (stock) and, of course, is also with us the real life before the game!
Learn from the experienced players and help the inexperienced!
To strengthen, we are looking for experienced players with a modicum of emotional tactics.

What we expect:
Heavies animal 7
Medium tier 7
Arty tier 5
Team play, spiritual maturity, fun
preferably German speaking members

What we offer:
Fun in the Community
a homepage with forum
a TS3 server

If we have piqued your interest let me know in game tripple2604
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