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Updated Rules (more suggestions?)
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As you can see, we updated rules and linked them on the main page. From now on no one can say he did not see rules.

We clarified the situation about draws. Monthly finals start in Bo3 already from the first round.

If you still feel like there are unclear issues or situations we are lacking rules for, feel free to write your thoughts about it here.
Premium ammo / consumables are not allowed!

This is the most important rule to change! We cant keep playing with some teams cheating with screenshots. I think gold ammo needs to be allowed NOW!

This is a unfair system that a few take advantage off!! In an organization like ESL this should not be happening. Else people might start thinking administration is working for a team, something that many people seem to think allready.
And I vote that Premium ammo/consumables should stay the way they are at the moment. If you allow premium items again, it will be pointless again. No skill needed, just auto aim and shoot. But without premium ammo you need to aim, wich makes it more fun.
Teams are allready using gold am,mo with cheats!!!!
thats the point....
Are you sure?  and how can you say it? Just curious
** deleted **
lets use esl wire emoticon-grin
for what reason?
easy start game, matches and upload SS. same ease
My suggestion is:
ban use of mods and use esl wire to check for any file iregularities.
Why? Players are changing pictures of gold ammo/mods for regular ones (and switching positions with ammo) so that you can't tell by ss what did they use. Wire should check if files are authentic.
If we are not using gold ammo/mods (i totaly support that) than we need to enforce it.
With system as it's right now, it's way too easy to change icons of mods and use whatever they want.
we will continue allowing gold ammo until we have an anti-cheat system that detects gold ammo or until we can use "special battles" to shut gold ammo out. we keep you updated.
Does this mean we can use gold ammo now?
Put an information that admin can change rules on the fly depending which team he wants to win.
Well, in this forum ESL admin stated that in monthly finals first round is BO3 , but now admin comes to our team match and asks who is winner... while we still were on 3rd round. As he didnt recive any answer(Cuz we were busy fighting), He chooses to put through the other team.
Well for me it's hard to belive this things happen for no reason...
Xadib wrote:
Put an information that admin can change rules on the fly depending which team he wants to win.

can you explain your point?

@katczinsky: If you know the times and see that your team is taking longer a short info would be good

the news about goldammo should be up tomorrow
@katczinsky: If you know the times and see that your team is taking longer a short info would be good

Did you even read what I was writing?, First round is BO3, tell me how are we supposed to finish it in 20 min if round lasts max 10 min, by the time you asked us who won. We we're still on last round. My point is: First round is BO3, but you think its BO1, basicly you chose them as winners based on the first round. I know we lost overall but still, you did make mistake and appology would be nice!

you had 30minutes until the next round what is defently not enough. This will be different in future. But you still new about it. So as you saw that it will take longer a short sentence would of helped, for example "we need more time". Due to fact that nothing was written and the cup had to go on i made a decision based on the facts i had.

"Hello Dark Mortals,
hello Red Tide,

The zoom-out mods is allowed and disallowed, no joke! (really confusing right?) During CBT and OBT me and the WoT support disallowed the use of this mod ( http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/35990-/ ). However, Wargaming.net says that the mod is allowed so both of you are right.

We will allow the use of the mod until this point is clarified in our rules.

Best regards,
Armitxes, ESL Admin"

Note that same admin disqualified my team for using of this mod a few weeks ago.
we are trying to optimize our rulebook to make it as easy as possible for you to participate in the ESL. In the past you had to upload several screenshots to prove that you don't use goldequipment and aim skins. Now that both is allowed only 1 screenshot (in case of base capture 2) has to be uploaded.
I'm sorry that you had trouble in the past but because the section and the system was new, many things had to be tried to find the best solution.
With the next update of wargaming modified skins shouldn't be possible, because a new camo-skin feature is planned
i have some wishes for the EPS Rules

1. disallowed Hitzoneskins
2. a new rule which limit the different types of the Tanks
example: max 3heavies max3 mediums max 2Tankdestroyer max1 arty
why i want this rule because i think their would be more strategic aspects so its not possible to play only one Type of Tank. The rule is also known from CoD their u have also a limit for the different classes.
3. no gold ammo/consumables, but as i know u are working at this point =)
4. dont change the tier limits for tanks and teams emoticon-tongue
as much as i know, with one of the updates coming for wot custom skins will not be possible anymore.
to point 2 i have so by limiting tanks you are limitint the stategic aspects. As much as i seen, many of the top  teams only use  3 heavy tier 8 tanks anyway.

best regards
What about having like 50 tier points to distribute on the 7 teammembers for clan fight? Its not so fun to rampage with 2 teams all using tier10 heavys smashing together.
With a limit point to form the team, you will be enable to create some tactics and diffirent play styles, and it will for sure be fun to see what diffirent setups it may be to fight against.
this ladder is totally inactive and fail! if the max tier is set like it is in the cups and emsIX or EPS all of us had a training basis but like this its useless. what ull get with ur t10´s a few points for nothing, use ur t10´s for the worldmap at esl theyre USELESS.
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