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The ESL Level System

- every player has a game level for each particular game
- all game activities are gathered in this game level
- the game levels are summarised in the ESL level
- you receive Xp points for any game activity
- victories are awarded with more Xp points than defeats
- you may only gain Xp points by playing but never lose any
- it's about activity, not skill
- Xp are only deducted due to inactivity, the higher the level the faster the points get lost
- every match type (train/quick match/ladder match) has a certain influence on the level
- only high level players are listed (or top100)
- besides the game level a "social level" which corresponds to the community activity (postings, comments, buddies, polls,...)
is planned

XP and match type
All ESL game activities are collected in the ESL level and are rewarded with XP. We differ in three types of matches.

Loss Win
Training (Gather) 20 XP 20 XP
Normal Match 100 XP 250 XP

Maximum Level
There is no maximum Level to reach.

ESL Level
The ESL level is the sum of the particular game levels. This does actually not consider the different types of a certain game but keeps the
system simple and translucent. At the same time, players shall feel stimulated to become active in other games as well.

Don't be afraid of losing!
Even a defeat is rewarded with a bunch of XP which is supposed to appeal players to game against evitable better opponents.

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