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[improvement suggestions] What shall change?
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You have the chance to name some improvementsuggestions. If something is annoying you or you have a great idea, let us know
Suggestion for the 7vs7 league: Technical Defeat

In the case that a team does not come to an agreed match the team should loose more than three penalty points. Because 3 points are nothing if you have ~ 1300.
There should be a kind of technical defeat. So if Team A does not appear at the agreed time they should loose points (like a lost match) and Team B should get these Points (like a win).
In my opinion, that would be fair because Team B was present and has invested time and energy, they should get a few points.
Furthermore, this minor penalty gives option to block other Teams.
Example: Team B, 2nd with 1500 points, fighting against Team A, 1st with 1505 points, Team A does not appear, will lose 3 Penalty Points, but its still 1st Place. Team B cant do anything to get the 1st Place...

thats it, regards
Hello dave79,

When a team receives 3 penalty points, it doesn't mean that they will lose 3 points from their ladder points.
Every team has a limit of 12 penalty points that they can maximum receive. Quoting from the rules set, this means:
- After obtaining 4 penalty points: 1 week barrage
- After obtaining 8 penalty points: 2 weeks barrage
- After obtaining 10 penalty points: 1 month barrage

So if a team gets 3 penalty points, they could risk being prevented from playing in the ladder, as you can see above. If a team tries to go around the penalty points rules, they will prevented from playing for a much longer time.
As you can see, we have our way to block teams.

About your ideea, we cannot give teams points for noshow, it is not how ESL ladders work. Rules say that if a noshow happens, the team will receive 3 penalty points(as explained above) and the match will be deleted. Because of the last reason, we cannot give out points because of noshow.

However, I can assure you that teams which are not "on time", will not reach or stay too long on the 1st place.
With repeating breach of rules a team can also be kicked out of a league
One that I believe to be truly important.

Prohibite gold ammo.
At least in versus for crying out loud...
Something that can be realized: I'm afraid that gold ammo is taking away alot of skill involved in blowing up tanks. It's no brainer, autoaim and shoot and every time penetrate.
Having that program of yours checking out for modded files (ban all mods imho) and off we go.
Something that probably cant be realized: Talk to game devs to enable ingame system for matches that would not involve "training" battles so that you can hide your setup untill match starts.
And gold ammo/consumables could be disabled serverside for that kind of matches so there would be no way to "cheat"
Ah well...man can allways dream...
Contests and Cups or any such event should not be held before 6pm/7pm gmt/cet as most people are in work.

Weekends are fine anytime but holding events before 6pm/7pm will miss out a lot of people.
Make effort with WoT guys and ban gold ammo from training matches!
Impossible to fit in training matches and problem solved.
I don't think tht wargaming will ban gold ammo and premium stuff in training battles. They want to earn money ;).

Niveau ist keine Hautcreme.
A 5 users with premium accounts for 10 months is better for WG than 1 user with premium account and gold ammo for 2 months. So sad that it seems they dont know that.
we are still working with wargaming on a solution
since such a big change affects the hole game it still can take some time until it is changed.
aimbulance wrote:
we are still working with wargaming on a solution
since such a big change affects the hole game it still can take some time until it is changed.

That is the point. I for one wan a big change! A change where not every shot fired from the guy with gold ammo will penetrate.
A change where not the "rich" dude wins, but the one with more skills (luck).

That is the change we would all welcome (except "rich" dudes emoticon-grin).
Because of the language barrier i could not test it myself on the Test-server but there is a replay-function now. If the replay shows ammo used we could use that to check for gold ammo and consumables used.
Just implement a "replay is a must" rule for it if that works.

Can anyone with basic russian check it out?
Admins now about this replay system but nobody knows if that system will be implemented in patch. Its not written in patch note.
About 1v1 funcup (max tier 4)


These cups should really start later in the evening, because many players from europe can't play because of school or work, like my self emoticon-grin
I think that there would be many more players if cup started 2 hours later!

Thank you!
Hey guys,

do you have any suggestions for new cup ideas?
3 vs 3 on HT Tier on maps from 1 on 1 ladder

or 3 vs 3 on Medium Tanks on 8 Tier

Thats my suggestions emoticon-grin
3on3 cups would be fine or 1on1 8ht again
I would also go for no gold ammo/consumables
the replay system implemented in 7.1 uses the game files of the cmputer it is plyed on
so if you yourself have no mods you dont see any mods even if the palyer used them

the only problem with uploading replays is that your tactic is open to everyone what is lame
maybe like this

you ahve to upload replays and only admins can access them and if you think an enemy team used gold ammo you can put in a ticket and an admin checks it (he only ahs to watch the first few seconds and knos if premium was in the laodout)
every team has  1 such vote per cup (go4wot) and if you are wrong you lose that vote if you are right you have your vote still (kinda like tennis)
I support the removal of gold ammo+consumables, since replays work quite well. I agree that making them visible to admins only might be wise, too.
yes 3vs3 cups/ladder HT t8 and 2vs2 cups/ladder HT t8
disallowing the gold ammo would make the matches more to a luckgame, instead of a match where your good aiming gets profit by a penetration of the hull.


normal ammo just bounces very often, although you aimed very good. you just can't controle it so it's just luck to do damage. 


so if someone wants to use gold ammo, that should stay allowed. if you want a good place in ladder, then just do the same. if you use normal ammo, then don't cry if someone does because he wants to be the first. ;)


this is a ladder where the first of all should be the best of all, not the luckiest. especially when you are first and can lose 40 points but win only 2-5 points each match, i don't want to let the game result depend on luck ...



improvement suggestion:

would be nice to see the french tanks in the 1on1 laddes. ;)
It is a bad joke. How should we properly find matches without the Instant Challenger? If you ask people out on the basis only of the ladder, they usually do not respond. If you break the challenge from then annoyed you get this even penalty points.
This is not a good solution unless you always want to play against the same people.

@ Zaraki Kenpachi : Thanks for closing my topic without any comment. Good behaviour.
What is the point for giving a choice for tier 1 to tier 4 in the 1vs1, everyone is taking tier 4. Tell me the logic?
I have some changes that I would see implemented.

The match challenge should reflect both teams maps.
Now you need to message back and forth about maps.

The challenge system should be auto close 24 hrs prior to a challenge time.
Many clans dont even bother to reply to challenges.

Make ESL WIRE mandatory in 7 on 7 matches.

Other comments:
Gold ammo should still be allowed, less fuzz for admins and players (unless WG blocks it some how - Which I cant see them want to do)

We love beeing in the 7 on 7 ladder - GJ ESL emoticon-grin
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