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We would like our site to become a Coverage Partner!

The Electronic Sports League tries to win one or more Coverage Partners for every league, who deal with the various league's coverage items. Coverage items include match reports, interviews with players, news on up-to-date occurrences concerning rankings etc... If you would like your site to become an ESL Coverage Partner, please send an e-mail to leaguepartner@staff.esl.eu with the following information:
  • Site's name
  • Address URL
  • How long has the site existed?
  • How large is your team?
  • What is the average age of the players?
  • How often is your site accessed per day? ( page Impressions + visitors )
  • Which pages would you define as "rival" pages and in how far does your page differ from the others?
The information you give is naturally kept in confidence. The Electronic Sports League's Coverage Partners are kept under permanent quality surveillance. Only the best sites of each scene get a chance. Only independent news-pages, no clanpages for example!

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