Go4WoT All-Stars Tournament in Cologne! - * €5,000 *
After World of Tanks celebrated its 1st anniversary last weekend with several great events and goodies it is time to announce the next great event. At the end of April, Go4WoT will conquer Cologne! We are happy to announce the upcoming Go4WoT All-Stars Tournament! The best European Go4WoT teams are invited to Cologne to prove in person which team is the best.
Of course the winners will not leave empty handed but with a total prize purse of €5,000, by the Go4WoT All-Stars Tournament!
Read the following news to find out more.

General Information

Date: 28.4.12 - 29.4.12
XonX: 7on7
Mode: Best of 3, Best of 5, Best of 7
Rules: The general Go4WoT Rules

Tournament Bracket

Step 1
Every team will be playing against each other
Best of 3

Step 2
Team on rank 4 will be eliminated
Remaining teams will play against each other
Best of 5: Step 1 winners start with 1:0 in their matches

Step 3
The two best teams from step 2 will play the finals
Best of 7: Step 2 winner starts with 1:0 in their match

Prize money breakdown

With a total prize money of €5,000 the teams will not be just playing for a greater reputation but also have the chance to win big money. The €5,000 will be split as follows:

Go4WoT All-Stars Tournament

   1st €2,500
   2nd €1,500
   3rd €650
  4rd €350


Win an Alienware M14x laptop as the biggest fan on the spot. Bring banners, shirts or whatever you like to cheer your favorite team or player to win. With a bit of luck, you take this awesome gaming laptop home!

Additionally we will be giving out 10x ROCCAT gaming mice during the World of Tanks stagetime at the Finals of the ESL Pro Series!


Of course you will be able to follow this great live during our stream. Alongside our caster sne the WoT expert xQlusive will be commentating the matches in English. In addition to the English cast we will also provide you with a Russian Cast. More information about the streams will follow soon. You can also follow sne via twitter (@sne91) for the latest updates.

The Teams

To live up to expectations of an All-Stars Tournament we invited the best of the best.

The Rush

What would such an Event be without the most successful World of Tanks clan? Since they are not just successful in the ESL, Team RED will show up with a mix team of both of their ESL teams plus an additional player. We can't wait to see how this "new" team will play together under the command of Moonkiss.

Evil Panda Squad

The team around the famous Kung Fu Panda Po will also join us in Cologne. Formally part of 1st Pad they changed clans on the Worldmap and are now part Pirates. Like Team RED, Evil Panda Squad has been playing in the Go4WoT Series since Cup #1 and will a lot of experience. Most of the core line-up will be in Cologne and will fight for victory. We are pretty sure to see some nice action from this team.


Ordem Mortis, one of the best German World of Tanks teams, if not the best, also received an invitation to Cologne. Together with the German players they will also bring two international players with them. J1mB091, who is known in the community for his self-made crosshair, and Pan_Satyros will be fighting alongside.

Panzer Fist

Last but not least we are happy to introduce the team from 1SBP Pzf. Also a team playing since Cup #1 we can be pretty sure that they have learned a lot over the time and will show us how World of Tanks is played on a high level. But not just in the ESL the team is successful. On World of Tanks Worldmap the Clan around the team from Panzer Fist hold a big area of south Europe.

After taking a closer look at all 4 teams we can not wait for the upcoming Event on the 28th and 29th of April. We are sure to see many action packed battles and you will enjoy it just as much as we will.

Go4 World of Tanks All-Stars Tournament
28th and 29th of April - Tanzbrunnen in Cologne (EPS Finals)

Best regards
your admin team
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sne, Thursday, 19/04/12 17:14
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