EMS X World of Tanks Qualifiers Flashback
All the qualifiers came to an end so this means we'll have the Groupstage published soon. But till then, let's see what surprises did we have during these qualifiers and also let's see what interesting matches there were! For those that don't know, we had 7 Qualifiers and only 13 teams managed to qualify into next stage of the ESL Major Series World of Tanks Season X, as 3 teams were already directly qualified from the last ESL Major Series!

The international qualifier

30 teams signed up for the international qualifier and those who were lucky to see the matches witnessed a big surprise in the match between Setarip and Ping Pong Orchestra, as the romanians managed to defeat their well-known opponents by destroying all their tanks with only 51 seconds left on the clock!

On the other half of the bracket, a match that had a lot of emotional charge was the one between Honey Badgers and Russian Pirates, where we had 3 maps played and the winner of this match was Russian Pirates.

The Polish qualifier

A lot of teams signed up in the polish qualifier, a total of 23 teams! The biggest surprise in this qualifier was in the match between The Herd Second Strike and one of the best teams from the Go4WoT series, 1SBP Panzer Fist! We witnessed a total defeat by 1SPB Panzer fist as they lost all their tanks on Himmerlsdorf, in this battle against the second squad from the The Herd!

Another big surprise in this qualifier was the defeat of the Go4WoT #36 2nd place ranked, 1 Sarmacki Batalion Pancerny, by Suicide Division on Prokhorovka! Other than that, we managed to see a strong peformance by the second 1st Pad team called 1st PAD Frozen Moomins which actually won the polish qualifier and secured their place in the ESL Major Series Group Stage!

The German qualifier

12 teams participated in the German Qualifier and I have to say that the level between teams was very clear in this qualifier as the known teams qualified into the Group Stage without any difficulties! However, I'm pretty sure that in the next season we'll see more german teams signing up and also a lot more close matches! Who knows, right?

The Spanish qualifier

For the first time in the World of Tanks scene, we had 6 spanish teams that signed up for the ESL Major Series Season X Spanish Qualifier so we had to create their own qualifier! Only the winner of the qualifier went to the group stage so the matches were intense! I honestly hope to see a lot more spanish teams in the next ESL Major Series season as I really enjoyed their short but intense qualifier!

FR - UK - Nordic qualifiers

Three spots for 3 strong teams from UK - FR - Nordic! For the first time in the ESL Major Series World of Tanks Season X, we'll have teams from UK and France participating in the Groupstage! The last spot was taken by the best team from the Nordic side at this moment!

ESL Major Series World of Tanks Season IX Directly Invited

The top3 from the last ESL Major Series season were directly invited to this season as they were proven the best of season IX! If you don't remember what happened in the last season, here's a link to remind you about it: EMS Season IX Flashback!

Timeline for the EMS Season X

Groupstage: 21/03/12 - 25/04/12
Playoffs & final: 02/05/12 - 30/05/12

If have any questions, ask in the news comments or contact us via support.
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German Qualifier
International Qualifier
Polish Qualifier
Spanish Qualifier
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good luck to all!
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