Go4WoT All-Stars Tournament - The winners
A few days passed since the big Go4WoT All-Stars Tournament in Cologne finished. As expected, we witnessed many fascinating between top lineups and the teams showed us World of Tanks at it's highest level. Next to the stage many fans, who visited the event in Cologne, won T-shirts, gaming mice and one lucky winner even an Alienware Laptop.
Read the following news to find out who won.

Prize money breakdown

With a total prize money of €5,000 the teams will not be just playing for a greater reputation but also have the chance to win big money. The €5,000 will be split as follows:

Go4WoT All-Stars Tournament

   1st €2,500
   2nd €1,500
   3rd €650
   4th €350

The winners


Winning a total prize money of €350, Odem Mortis finished the tournament came in 4th. Even though the team ended last they didn't seem to be that disappointed. According to the team, the biggest prize for them was meeting the community and their fans. Both the team and their fans had a great time, enjoying the good weather outside the hall between matches, talking about the game, meeting old friends and making new ones..

Evil Panda Squad

Third in the Go4WoT All-stars Tournament was Evil Panda Squad. €650 filled their pockets and just as Odem Mortis they enjoyed the weekend a lot, since they could meet other players and fans and see for the first time, what a tournament on a highly professional level feels like. The biggest disappointment for the Polish team was losing against rivals from their own country. During the final, the Evil Panda Squad made themselves comfortable in the audience, they cheered for 1SBP, hoping for a Polish team to take the tournament.

Panzer Fist

Maybe the best prepared team of the Tournament ended second. After the maps were announced, the team gathered around a set of printed maps and discussed the tactics they wanted to play. Nonetheless it wasn't enough to beat the winner of the Tournament. Still 1SBP can be proud taking €1,500 back home.

The Rush

Probably the best World of Tanks team on the server at the moment managed to win the tournament and €2,500 - But not without hard work: With a mixed lineup made up out of the RED's second and first team and their stand-in from the United Kingdom it was a long way with hard fights to this title. For their intensive preparations such as their specially prepared tactics which they worked on hard for this event, the team around moonkiss deserves to call itself the best of best..

All in all, the 4 teams who came to this event were already the best squads from the Go4 World of Tanks Series at the Electronic Sports League (ESL). It was a stunning and highly entertaining for the audience at the Tanzbrunnen and on the streams. If you like to, you can have a look for yourself by watching this event's VOD which you can soon find on ESL TV.


>> More pictures here <<

By the way, Wargaming will soon publish a film about the Go4 World of Tanks All-Stars Tournament featuring the greatest scenes from the event and interviews with the players, analyzing their own moves and strats. Tank on!
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sne, Tuesday, 08/05/12 12:06
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Conglatulation to legendary teams!
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