250.000 Gold for Tankers playing ESL VERSUS!
It is time to relaunch World of Tanks in VERSUS again. A long time has past since we enjoyed the "Kill the Admin" event where you could win gold. Since then winning gold in VERSUS wasn't possible. This will change. With a total of 250.000 ingame gold we want give you the chance to refill your gold accounts. Read the following news to find out how you can become a lucky winner.

What is VERSUS?

VERSUS. is the latest in the new generation of ESL features designed to be easier than ever before. With only 3 clicks you will be put together in a match with skill balanced teammates and opponents. After the match is over, it is just one click to report the result and the rankings are updated instantly.

It has never been easier!

How to play VERSUS.?

Don't forget to pick the EU server!


How to win

To be a lucky winner you simply have to play World of Tanks in VERSUS. The winner will be randomly picked from of a pool of "lottery tickets" (not actual tickets). For every 5. match you will receive 1 "lottery ticket". The more you collect, the better your chances get to become a lucky winner. If you don't have the time you still have the chance to be a winner.

You have until end of May time to collect as many lottery tickets as possible.

Gold prize breakdown

3on3 max. tier 8:

3on3 max. tier 8

  1 - 330,000
  4 - 615,000
  7 - 95,000

1on1 max tier 4 / Medium Tanks only tier 9:

1on1 max tier 4 / Medium Tanks only tier 9

   1 30,000 (each cloud)
   2 15,000 (each cloud)
   3 5,000 (each cloud)

If you want to stay tuned for other upcoming events you can follow our gamehead on twitter:

Your admin team
sne, Thursday, 03/05/12 17:28
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comments (20)
good promotion ! will try my luck.
Please create clear rules because there's no info about time limit, what kind of tanks are allowed to take part in 3v3 etc.
very nice
There are, when you start a game. There is a button "rules".
Is this here any time line for match? When begin and end.

sry about my language.
When this season ends? I mean when prizes will be awarded? :)
You can play for gold until end of may
per 5 battles you receive 1 lottery ticket. The more you have the better your chances get.
I noticed there is a difference in the rules for 3x3.

German rules state, that the battle time is 5 min.
International rules in english state that the battle time is 10 min.

Which one to follow?
i would prefer a weekly winner, instead of a monthly. that would keep more players playing it after the first month (me included ^^), because when only 3 guys win gold and 100 guys invested a whole month, surely some players won't play a second month with a low chance to win something. ;)

at the moment, the tier 4 1v1 has 1.497 played matches. That means there could be ~ 300 lottery tickets out so far (already after 4 days) for 3 prices. at the end of the month it could be ~2.500 tickets for three prices. don't you think that winrate would piss off some players (win chance: 0,12%)? XD

btw are the gold prices for EU and RU servers each or both together?
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nSage wrote:
I noticed there is a difference in the rules for 3x3.

German rules state, that the battle time is 5 min.
International rules in english state that the battle time is 10 min.

Which one to follow?

yeah tell us plz
Is there any place where you can see how many "tickets" you got? Or you have just to count number of the battles / 5 = number of tickets which i cannot see anywhere?
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As been told in the announcement ;)
You can see the number of battles on your profile page.
Where is the winners list? Beacuse now it's June and the game end's in May.
who won ?
Each cloud means that every servergroup will be evaluated for it´s own? So EU and RU seperate? I hope so, on EU it is hard to find matches.
rebo the contest is over. XD

we currently wait for the winners ;)
When will the result be? its been almost a month of the game's end already.
Where are the winners?
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