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Recently I noticed that many support tickets were forwarded to us from other sections. That is because user assigned them to wrong section while creating.  As result users waited hours or days for the answer, because admins from other section need sometimes a lot of time to guess the section. Therefore I want give an example how to do it in a way that your tickets appear in our section (World of Tanks).

(1) First of all, it is better to switch to WoT section in the very beginning and to the specific cup, if the issues relates a specifc cup, e.g. Cup 7 (marked with red cycle).
After that click on the "support" button (red cycle) in the very end of menu.

(2) If you did it correct, then the "Section" field of the support ticket is filled in with correct section, e.g. Cup 7
In most cases you can leave "Category" empty.
Write a short description into field "Subject", like "Punishments points" or "Question about rules" or "Start time of the Cup?".
If the support ticket has relation to a team (e.g. punishment point was assigned to a team), then choose your team in the field "Team".
If you have some screen shot (or what ever) that is a proof or somehow related to the issue, you can attach it to the support ticket.

(3) In the big field "Text" describe the problem thoroughly, but stay calm and objective. Mention only facts that you can prove. Guesses and suspicions about other teams' cheating are not helpful.

IMPORTANT: Use English. This is European section and English is the only legitimate language here. Half of admins cannot other languages and will basically close your ticket with "Please write your ticket in English" without doing anything.

(4) Check the fields "Section" and "Subject" again. Are they correct and adequate? If not, correct them.

(5) Read your "Text" again. Does that appear clear, calm and objective to you? If it were a ticket from other person (that you do not know) and you were admin, would you understand what is going on and be able to solve the issue?

(6) Press "SEND" button.

I hope it is helpful. If you have any questions about support tickets, ask here.
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Hey, tahts unfair!!!
There are so nicknames!!!

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Good morning^^,

i see today that some guys are playing 1on1 Tier 4 ladder.
But I can`t find it on the german side..?

I´m looking for:
JOIN    World of Tanks 1on1 Tier 4 Tanks Ladder  ?

on the german side?

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il try to sign in have a esl acc,but can sign in for the 1 on 1 cup#10
ilt savet the constrictions,no result
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Hello I'm trying to check-in tothe funcup 10*. Any help
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hi there is no team can sign up for the Cup Go4WoT 39 as the date is wrong! you can check the error and then fix it please


The cup 39 should be there at 25.03 but is 11.03 and this is the fault no one can log in

MFG FreakyBoy
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Hamburger wrote:
Good morning^^,

i see today that some guys are playing 1on1 Tier 4 ladder.
But I can`t find it on the german side..?

I´m looking for:
JOIN    World of Tanks 1on1 Tier 4 Tanks Ladder  ?

on the german side?


Hey Hamburger,

Here is the link for the World of Tanks 1on1 Tier 4 Tanks Ladder


Es gibt Tage da verliert man.Und es gibt Tage da gewinnen die anderen.
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Plutonian25/11/12 16:57Protest
Hy dear Admins my name is Plutonian and im a player of X-power team
the game was won by my team
How they get in brackets before us

we won the game by capturing theyr base
please help us because is kind of bug or something and also please look at our screenshots

my mate also put the result 1 to 0 for us but there apear that the game was won by them

thanks and please look at this problemX-Power
doomiz25/11/12 16:54got4wot#82
AKK team not won, please look at screenshotX-Power
alexxyz25/11/12 16:53wrong result
Hello there,please see the pictures,because X-power won this game!

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