Whats next on GIGA2!
International top events live on GIGA2 during the winter period. Do not miss out on this unique experience. eSports at its best, live and direct on your screen. Extreme Masters, WC3L and many many more. Check the full news for all the details.
Just recently the IFNG Stockholm and WSVG finals finished and yet another series of great events are coming up and streamed live on GIGA 2. Next to the usual GIGA 2 program of live eSports games they will exclusively feature the WC3L Offline Finals and the CPL Finals Dallas.

CPL Finals Dallas : 16-20 December

This event comes up first and as GIGA 2 is the media partner for the event, it will be exclusively broadcasted there for Europe. These finals will send some of the parcipants home with a share of no less than 150.000$, which can be won in Counter-Strike and Quake 3. GIGA 2 will cover all Counter-Strike matches but will have to pass on the Quake 3 matches as it is rated 18+ in Germany and can't be shown on German TV. Everything will be commentated on live from the studio and one host is flying to Dallas to conduct interviews and offer a video stream of the event itself.

WC3L Finals : January

The grand Warcraft III event that all fans have been waiting for. Season X has almost met its end now but first the teams mYm, WE, 4K and Mouz have to fight it out for the cup and prize money. GIGA 2 offers exclusive coverage for this event, as every game will be shown live from the on-location GIGA 2 stage in Germany. Watch the show as this season's story unfolds and the winners are decided, watch interviews with your favourite players and feel the atmosphere GIGA builds at the location itself, everything in English. Coming January.
Pesticide, Thursday, 14/12/06 13:27
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