Special offer: 1 month of Premium for only 3 Euros
Premium member in ESL get some extra features and support the development of new features for their favorite league. Today we present a special Premium offer with a very attractive price. Buy 30 days of ESL Premium for only €3.00! Become a Premium member of Electronic Sports League and enjoy all Premium features!

Special Premium offer!

Only two weeks are left until VERSUS Spring season ends. Premium members receive bonus points for every win in VERSUS. These bonus points are even doubled these days. Take the chance and become a Premium member right now and don't miss out on the additional VERSUS points. We've prepared a neat offer for all of you. Get 30 days of Premium for only €3,00. It is a single payment, no subscription, but you can use this offer multiple times, if you like to.

This special offer is valid thru 30.04.2012!

In addition to bonus points in VERSUS, Premium members also have access to exclusive leagues and special cups but also see extended statistics when challenging an opponent as well as their awards displayed the user profile.
* The Premium offer is now avaliable!
* This offer is only available for 30 Days Single Payment (no subscription!)

More Premium offers

Premium for me  Premium for others
Premium subscription 30 days€4.995 Prepaid Codes of 90 days€47.26 *1
Premium subscription 90 days€11.9910 Prepaid Codes of 90 days€89.55 *2
Premium onetime buy 90 days€14.995 Prepaid Codes of 360 days€156.51
*1 21% off compared to "Premium for me"
*2 25% off compared to "Premium for me"

During 2011 we brought a whole bunch of new features to the ESL. Some of them were directly for Premium members, such as the User Counter or the extended statistics when challenging. Also the development of VERSUS was only possible thanks to your support, our ESL Premium members. Support the ESL and its development and enjoy the exclusive Premium features!

ESL Premium

  • No banner advertisements
  • Active support of ESL
  • + 10% VS. points for your matches
  • Vote worth double for map vote
  • Access to special leagues (f.e. Amateur Series)
  • No waiting time in Gathers
  • Honouring for special performances (Awards)
  • Detailed statistics when challenging
  • Visitor counter in your user and team profiles
  • and many more

Good luck and have fun on ESL!
otacon, Friday, 20/04/12 19:42
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