Research: realism in shooting games
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Online First Person Shooting Games such as Counter Strike Source, Call
of Duty and Battlefield are very popular nowadays. At the University of
Antwerp we are investigating different aspects of realism in these
games. Up to date little research has been done in this area. Therefore
your contribution to this survey is invaluable for us to gain a better
understanding of gaming behavior. We already wish to thank you for your

The link: http://www.thesistools.com/?id=129485

Filling in this questionnaire would only take a few minutes. Obviously,
all data will be processed anonymously, and will under no condition be
used outside of this investigation. Please answer all questions as
honestly and spontaneously as possible. Your first thought is usually
the best.

Throughout the survey, we will use the abbreviation OFPS, which stands
for Online First Person Shooting Games.

Kevin Schoeters, researcher
Steven Malliet, assistant professor
Department of Communication Studies
University of Antwerp
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