What the f**k is up with ESL Wire?!
The last days some problems with ESL Wire and ESL Wire Anti-Cheat showed up. Sessions got aborted, Wire took too much RAM or was not launching at all. We'd like to give you some more information regarding these problems, which should be fixed now.
Last week a new version of ESL Wire has been released to close one possible security gap. This version was tested internally but even though some problems showed up after the public release.

Errors in Anti-Cheat sessions

First of all Anti-Cheat stopped working the way it should. Sessions got aborted after some time. Testing a new feature we had been testing in background for some time failed. This is something that should not happen, but it's almost impossible to avoid this in software engineering. All users who had problems with ESL Wire because of this bug should not have faced any consequences. By fixing this bug, another one was found and fixed in time, too.

WTF?! My Wire is taking 3GB RAM?

Even more dramatic and problematical was another bug. It started with some reports of performance issues and unplayable matches. The cause was found quite fast as a memory leak dumped the whole RAM of the players PCs. Sadly it took us quite some time to reproduce this bug and fix it. With the latest updates this bug should be fixed. Thanks to all players, who reported their memory problems and helped us to fix this.

What's next?

Right now we are working on two important features which will prevent ESL Wire Anti-Cheat to be bypassed. One of these is already live and is presented in a separate news. We hope to fix some last problems soon to release another feature, which brings you and us the cheat protection we are all longing for.

Your ESL Wire Team
Soodi, Friday, 15/07/11 15:22
New Feature: Wire Monitoring
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I got a BSOD thanks to ESL Wire
#1: Open a support ticket.
Thanks for patch my gap report :)
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go wire!
Nice, the ESL Wire is really imporatant now, so you must repair this problems faster...
Admin wrote us an protest because our wire wasn´t up. The Headline are incorrect. "What the f**k is up with ESL Wire?!"
It was my problem today on VS. :/
Just closed automatically.
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I cant make Screens with Wire, my shortcut doesnt work anyway
Hey thanks! All these post are informative. I'm new to the Community and just looking around.

Happy New Year [FUB}Clan
hunii wrote:
I got a BSOD thanks to ESL Wire
yeb me2, i let one bsod expert look at my minidump and he saw rightaway esl was cousing my bluescreens. w7 x64
I get minus points eventhough my wire runs, an i dunno why. so i ask admin and they tell me my wire dosent run. I cant launch game with wire cause my game crashes and wont start till i close down exe.file in task manager. Since admin cant help anyone here can
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