And again 254 cheaters caught!
Over 1,500 cheaters have been caught by ESL Wire Anti-Cheat since its release, and since the last bust news a further 254 cheaters have found themselves busted. We are still detecting all kinds of private cheats, even when everyone is saying they are WAC proof, so do not believe what you read! Find the names of the busted and some more facts in this news.
Currently we are working on a bigger Wire Update, which will bring some major improvements, so we can detect cheaters and fakers even better.

A big "thank you!" goes out to all of our Premium Users for their constant support, which enables us to keep working hard on making our league as cheat free as possible.

The bust list of the 254 cheaters

erichhhh68 (72***)swoosh9r (395***)lubba (536***)
certainty (577***)xQp (593***)flexz (606***)
dr.lenkdrachen (676***)MaDoX (824***)owned_by_tOx (889***)
T (948***)Cubestar (1171***)Uniqat (1174***)
Headstyle (1206***)Miller (1217***)WaLLe (1253***)
matsui (1458***)Endless (1495***)Xelll (1542***)
unnamed (1752***)hitlex (1797***)blino (1848***)
qL (1952***)aqpx yoo (1983***)noname (2024***)
EkiihsoY (2175***)eule (2178***)h3lg0rT (2190***)
Exiit (2374***)Darky (2391***)Juppy (2479***)
LooP (2560***)Johnny Knoxville (2597***)HHAAAAPPPPPP (2683***)
Gamer (2686***)rules (2714***)Spongynator (2792***)
rocckyy (2830***)bobby (2863***)DARKSTAR (2880***)
kLM (2927***)fORKASEN (2950***)Abyyy (3006***)
tunneL (3018***)exenw0w (3026***)Tonyote (3063***)
Natsu sebBoOooo (3121***)AutORun (3169***)ODPALONY (3290***)
mhkeeeey (3315***)meins (3330***)WeeD (3340***)
ESL R.i.P (3354***)KREUTERSALAT (3405***)Xel (3454***)
DEMENCE (3466***)Matyoo (3517***)ddddddddddddd (3533***)
delete me (3572***)zapzap (3592***)Lachkick (3629***)
kR (3738***)Jackson (3930***)TROP1CAL (3946***)
stopgame (3955***)Osk (3956***)Mormois (3961***)
Hearts (4014***)Soony (4028***)Lives Skill (4030***)
Pusion8 (4038***)sVROOM (4087***)MintoN (4093***)
JumpShot (4129***)Nimm 2 (4169***)komba (4199***)
kaboom (4237***)qbens (4262***)AsSh (4286***)
Mebay (4295***)krq (4301***)MarTinii (4302***)
MaxiKing7 (4346***)t1M (4352***)Diogenes (4376***)
Olo (4391***)Virtus.Pro-hWo (4396***)klowN (4438***)
alsadre (4462***)DieseL (4474***)jekass (4557***)
RaZor (4621***)iiiii (4637***)Doce pepese (4662***)
popsteR_ (4675***)OzN (4677***)hhaaxx (4681***)
Brak glowy. (4696***)WFK (4696***)Sharoxxx (4778***)
soRaz (4793***)Määh (4832***)JoooeeMoeee (4838***)
SlyPokzTw (4855***)gnak (4860***)G.Dimitrov (4904***)
LuIgI (4912***)JEJEJE (4936***)DeveloK (4950***)
ML BLKFHSSS (4967***)sux (4983***)PoolKiller (4998***)
feeL (4998***)niK0 (5005***)Apple (5009***)
xyO (5025***)MaRt0s (5039***)ExTaZy (5061***)
pisti (5068***)jutro (5075***)CqmiiD (5111***)
hempi (5129***)asdqwecsqxz (5139***)Durshak (5142***)
Lomaan (5151***)Owneeed (5154***)ShaoliN (5163***)
weg (5168***)Balli (5191***)NpZ ' (5191***)
Bicek (5217***)syyrox (5220***)DAwich (5257***)
rEZ (5273***)ThEaSsAsSiN (5281***)ratataas (5290***)
Vergil172 (5297***)ololo (5310***)SuBBiwOw (5312***)
vik0 (5346***)marcel (5362***)FNk (5369***)
illusion (5384***)Spencer PL (5388***)Reno (5416***)
cc. (5430***)E-Wi-Opfer (5434***)Drg__ (5440***)
AppLy (5456***)rxzz (5460***)ZENKK (5461***)
gajdzik (5468***)Maryus (5478***)Melone (5479***)
fryderyk (5485***)Vaicsync (5503***)eNow (5519***)
hIp (5522***)P1x3lstarExe (5528***)Deagle (5528***)
l2o (5533***)phOs16 (5537***)bNr (5540***)
VieleVieleBunteJa (5555***)hs (5563***)Qix (5592***)
hi1 (5606***)KLF (5636***)HarD_ReaL (5638***)
munki (5651***)MoOX (5693***)warren (5698***)
Adept (5715***)nOSE (5721***)Dynam1te (5728***)
miniw0w (5729***)SpiZe (5729***)perion (5732***)
Decari (5734***)Forest22 (5739***)agent007 (5744***)
SpLash (5749***)FredSonEk2011a2011 (5751***)CheatjAJAJAJJ (5752***)
eS (5754***)RuLLeZzZ (5758***)Under 20 (5759***)
michor0ff (5767***)Davide (5780***)cK (5782***)
r_drawothermodels (5795***)esTAY (5803***)ecKz (5805***)
Mister D (5807***)NtX (5807***)GooD (5807***)
enf0rcer (5808***)TweeTy (5813***)keren (5818***)
jOker (5821***)l2p (5825***)FuckYou (5826***)
Cant (5832***)GREVIUZ (5834***)Fabebull (5834***)
The StingeR (5851***)PistolenBobby (5855***)NOOB123 (5858***)
ExtazY (5858***)xoxie (5859***)martin (5859***)
TERq (5869***)Fer (5878***)gome (5880***)
vidaloca (5883***)H4gen (5888***)Fenomen (5888***)
XUNN1337 (5890***)Monsta (5892***)xxx (5897***)
Bunji (5898***)MDt (5900***)NoNaMe (5906***)
warN (5908***)THUG.LIFE (5908***)Destination (5916***)
dgL.ro (5916***)grozzen_- (5916***)xd (5928***)
retrochetekecam (5928***)Kr0niQ b Insomnia (5930***)elN (5933***)
jMV1337 (5936***)Marcin MAQ (5940***)iCapuz (5940***)
KristiaN (5949***)XXL-NIKEEEE (5951***)pomidorcukruowy (5952***)
Sofi (5953***)mojbrattozjeb (5954***)iNstiinctx3 (5959***)
kkvoegler (5961***)cemecexx (5964***)QbiS (5972***)
Large (5975***)insidee x (5979***)pwnny (5980***)
skyZOooOoOr (5991***)Domo-Kun (5993***)ReaL (6000***)
HACKED (6001***)the puta matre (6005***)NORD (6005***)
kENPO (6007***)soRc (6010***)

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bLackhawk, Tuesday, 28/06/11 17:39
Frequently Asked Questions
comments (23)
hahaha nice
Looks like that the most are Fake Accounts
Wire also detects Cheat Engine used on another program, so be carefull and dont bust your self like me... so stupid :)
bye bye cheater...
first caught on FM11...niceeeeee....hahahah
let's go SA-MP!

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fucking cheaters why do they play in esl with cheats!!
Merci ESL wire, tu joues bien ton rôle.
Busssttteedddddddd :D
bye lows ;)
It's nice. bey loosers.
pwnd :)
pwnd :)
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