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when i play versus , counter strike 1.6 (esl)
and go to

enter gameaccount

Your code
Copy the code and write it into the chat on the server


Please use this server

when i join to the server

i copy this #690283

when i but this #690283 in consol i Kicked from the server :"Verification failed, please check website for details"

coloN connected
coloN is joining the Terrorist force
Scoring will not start until both teams have players

] say #690283
Kicked by Console: "Verification failed, please check website for details"
Kicked :"Verification failed, please check website for details"
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Same problem :'(
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This is not Wire related, but a gameaccount issue

Please open a support ticket where you include an ingame screenshot of the ID you are trying to verify (open console, type 'status' and take a screenshot)

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