WIRE makes my game lag horribly
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Every time I play a gather with ESL Wire with Anti-Cheat running, my game lags horribly, because it makes my FPS jump between 50-150 constantly, which is extremely annoying because I can't do anything barely.

My game plays just fine without it, and all other matches, but this just makes my game lag horribly.

I have Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.
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I get the same problem be running fine but for 10 seconda feels like am running about 2 FPS strange i never had this on windows 7 32 no wgot 64 on i laf every 10 15 mins, always when about 2 clutch to sound goes all mufled like the comp is struggling to handle the game and i can hardly move, then back to normal
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This issue should be solved with yesterday's update.

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I have the same problem as hauberg. I have big lags when playing crossfire game and can't play normal. Is there some solution to fix this? Please help me!

I have the latest version of wire and i use Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit OS.
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Chackiwinja wrote:
This issue should be solved with yesterday's update.

It should but it is not. Me and some of my friends have the same problem with fps frops when we play CS:GO and I can boldly say that the game is running just fine without Wire.
As KroniKaL said it feels like the computer is struggling to handle the game, the fps rapidly drops and the sound also is like a rasp. And this is because the program only at some point is using about 40-50% of the CPU power, which for me is not normal at all.
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Me too. The CPU power up to 40-50% a lot of time with Wire anti cheat. UPDATE NOW ADMINS emoticon-grin
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// ESL Admin Team
Could everyone experiencing this issue please open a support ticket to the Wire Support, we will handle it from there.


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