ESL not safe anymore?
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What kind of anticheat is it (ESL Wire)?
Affentod wrote:
"In short: a very good one. We hired experts from the Anti-Virus industry that have a lot of experience in securing people's PCs. That is costly, so we had to invest a mid 6 figure sum of money in creating this program, in order to finally solve the horrible cheating issue that has plagued all eSports games in recent years. ESL Wire Anti-Cheat runs on the Ring 0 level of your operating system. As such, it acts like a normal system driver and is hidden very deeply inside the system. It acts similarly to how modern day cheats behave. That's the only way to be consistently able to detect the likes of Organner, X22 and others. All the while making our tool very hard to detect for cheat coders. Our Polish arch enemy will face many a sleepless night, trying to figure out what it is that we're doing exactly. Also it's not only about detecting cheats but also about detecting fake accounts - a common way to circumvent a ban resulting from the use of cheats.

(source: http://www.sk-gaming.com/conte...Wire_anticheat_goes_online)

This my dear ESL community are the words from one of the developers of ESL Wire. Nice words but there's not much behind them anymore.

In the game WarRock as Call of Duty MW3 ESL Wire can definitely get bypassed. My experience is only big enough to say that from my feeling I definitely see hackers in WarRock. In Call of Duty MW3 I have spoken to some players who play active in the ladders and they also know some of the top players being 'cheaters'.

I know the admins can't fix something they don't know and they need 'evidence', but seriously, ESL is not safe anymore. First the overclock problem in WarRock came out and for about 2 years players just vanished. Now more and more hackers come and there is no new update and no hope for a peaceful and fair place to game.

People try to laugh at people e.g at me and throw things on my head like 'haha whiner', but I definitely know some things are not possible. It makes me sick to play against people who came 2 weeks ago into the ESL, never have been good in a game and just start doing crazy stuff to players who are in the top 10 - And there is really no other way to fix that? Is a video not prove enough? Facts like ingame time or even the bullet speed etc. would be enough in my eyes.

ESL Wire checks all the processes but how can you say processes that are renamed or an anti virus program can't find can be found by ESL Wire? Today pc experts still struggle with finding infected files and viruses, so how can you say ESL Wire protects us from hacks and cheats which are working the same way as hard viruses???

Why are people even allowed to use some kind of other programs out there that have no use at all for a game while playing a match? Like 'music players'. Who knows if it really is a music player?

Also ESL Wire was meant to find multiaccounts or fakeaccounts. But I know 2 persons who just moved into other flats 10 kms away from their old village just to be able to play a game and changed their ISP same as CPU and eventhough they got a 2 years barrage for overclocking and hacking they continue playing.

I asked one of the main admins of the European WarRock section to this topic about the hacks and the multiaccounts. His answers were the ones as followed:

About the multiaccounts AND the hacks:
SakGe. Desit: wrote:
[23:20] SakGe. Desit: we know it's him
[23:20] 【ReT】 agent1nowa: but u need a prove ye?
[23:21] SakGe. Desit: so except if his moss take a screen when he is logged somewhere as (name censored) we can't do anything
[23:22] SakGe. Desit: he bought new pc + change isp
[23:22] SakGe. Desit: but the guy in 2on2 with hum is an old cheater too
[23:23] SakGe. Desit: but we can't do anything if the player change isp, home and pc
[23:25] SakGe. Desit: well we can only wait a mistake from him

About the hacks:
SakGe. Desit: wrote:
[20:58]tell me how can nohope fix something he doesn't know ?

So if you do not know HOW to fix it or IF you should fix it, try to get some serious help and fix that please. Otherwise there's no sense anymore to play ESL. What do we need the programs for then? Why do we even have to play in ESL if it's on public gaming's level? Our last resort is getting destroyed.

Warning: I do not want to offend anybody or blame someone for something. I only want that to get it fixed because nobody says anything and I think players kinda realized those problems but never talk about it.

ESL team please do something.

Best regards, Nowa.
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+1 the same is for game Counter-Strike.

good samaritan
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Same with Call of Duty 4 -.-
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