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10/11 20:00Wire Anti-Cheat Test vs. Wire Anti-Cheat Test

Saturday, 14/12

ESL Wire | 13:45
ESL Wire Anti-Cheat strikes again!Customizations of the game in order to have an unfair advantage is the same as cheating and that's why changing the VPK files will be punished the same way. And today we want to show you the results of our work we have done in the past weeks to ensure the best possible security against cheaters in ESL matches.

Thursday, 24/10

ESL Wire | 15:42
WAC-up call: Development for the past few monthsIt has been a pretty busy and important year for Wire Anti-Cheat. Back in January this year, we made a long term plan which resulted not only in a vast improvement of Wire itself but also a 900 player bust just a few weeks ago. Over the recent months we have already shared quite a bit of information on our progress and even asked for your help. Now we'd like to give you an overview of what we have achieved this year so far.

Tuesday, 13/08

ESL Wire | 17:43
ESL Wire Anti-Cheat reloadedIt has been rather quiet around ESL Wire Anti-Cheat for the last weeks, but in this case it was a good sign. We have worked a lot on our cheat detections so ESL Wire Anti-Cheat lives up to its promise: The best possible security against cheaters in ESL matches.

Thursday, 11/07

ESL Wire | 12:07
New update for ESL WireA new update for ESL Wire has been released. Wire is now able to detect games from other Steam libraries than the standard one. This is supposed to fix the "insecure" problem some CS players are experiencing. Also the Ingame Overlay has been deactivated as it could occasionally cause problems. This might make a beneficial impact on your performance and frees up resources we can invest in more important features.

Thursday, 27/06

ESL Wire | 16:56
Small update for ESL WireWe've released a small update for ESL Wire. Linesman checks for Combat Arms have been extended and improved. Linesman generates a ZIP file with the config files from a braod range of supported games and a log with color depth and other settings. Furthermore an option to install RaidCall has been added to the ESL Wire Installer.

Friday, 14/06

ESL Wire | 15:51
How To: Linesman in VERSUSLast week we released Linesman in VERSUS for all users, which meant that all no smoke users were detected and got banned for Cheating. Besides a small bust list from the last couple of days we want to present some facts about the past days and of course tell you what to report to the admins and how you should do it.

Tuesday, 04/06

ESL Wire | 15:25
VERSUS gets the Linesman treatmentOver the last weeks we did a closed beta for ESL Wire. Starting with few selected trusted and premium user it was expended up to 8.000 user. This beta test helped us to address several issues within Wire and led us to today's rather large update for ESL Wire. From now on, our ESL Wire module Linesman fully supports VERSUS in every game and mode Linesman supported already in the regular leagues and ladders.

Friday, 10/05

ESL Wire | 14:30
ESL Wire Anti-Cheat - the Auto Hotkey problemTwo weeks ago we asked for your input about the Auto Hotkey programs and after analyzing your feedback we came to a decision for now. In this news we want to state why our decision was made this way and why your feedback was so important for us and of course we have some reminders for you as well.

Friday, 03/05

ESL Wire | 18:03
Your feedback to Wire Anti-CheatDuring the early stages of Wire Anti-Cheat we periodically gathered your really valuable feedback by creating small surveys which provided us important feedback for further developments. Today, we want to use this good possibility again and are asking for your opinion in a little survey.

Friday, 26/04

ESL Wire | 17:26
Wire Anti-Cheat: We need your feedback!Over two weeks ago we published the Anti-Cheat Task Force mail address and until now we received over 45 mails with mostly known information, but nevertheless we highly appreciate your efforts and are looking forward to more mails to come. Many of you wrote us because of an Auto Hotkey program, which allows players to use some kind of no recoil script, which is forbidden and will be punished as cheating.

Friday, 12/04

ESL Wire | 17:34
Wire Anti-Cheat: Don't believe everything you hear - Part 2In our second Wire Anti-Cheat news for this week we have for you a new list of users that have tried to bypass Wire Anti-Cheat or used paid cheats. We also want to share with you some of the feedback we have received so far via the email address.

Tuesday, 09/04

ESL Wire | 13:40
ESL Wire Anti-Cheat: Your connection to us!Based on the latest incidents and our approach to get you, the community, more involved into our Anti-Cheat process we would like to present you something. ESL Wire Anti-Cheat is developing quickly and we would like to make it possible, that the community is able to influence this important topic. How? Well, the first step is quite simple.

Friday, 05/04

ESL Wire | 18:00
ESL Wire Anti-Cheat: Don't believe in everythingToday we would like to comment on a "possible way to bypass ESL Wire Anti-Cheat" that got heavily promoted on some forums. But this "hole" in ESL Wire Anti-Cheat is not what some people would like to make it. Over the last days a good bunch of players using this were found and now get barraged for 2 years.

Thursday, 15/11

ESL Wire | 17:04
ESL Wire supports Windows 8After the ESL Wire Beta from a few weeks ago we just released a new version of ESL Wire, which is fully supporting Windows 8. Besides that we also made some other improvements and fixed a few bugs. We are still setting our focus on fixing the bugs and improving our Anti-Cheat.

Friday, 26/10

ESL Wire | 13:36
ESL Wire Beta for Windows 8Our internal beta tests with this version went quite smoothly. But before we officially release ESL Wire with Windows 8 support, we want to sort out all eventualities with this open beta to allow all of you a smooth transition.

Wednesday, 04/07

ESL Wire | 17:41
Linesman added for CS:GO and BF3Today we've released a small update for ESL Wire. From now on Linesman is activated for Counter-Strike:Global Offensive and Battlefield 3. Linesman will generate a ZIP file with the config files from your match and a log with color depth and other settings. The file will be streamed directly to our servers, where you can download it after the match.

Monday, 11/06

ESL Wire | 16:03
The next update for ESL WireWe have another Wire Update. This time we improved the logging of the crashs, so we get more details about them and can fix them faster. We also want to give you some insight in the Wire Support and what happened in the last weeks.

Tuesday, 08/05

ESL Wire | 12:40
Update removes VLAN - Cheater Stats of Spring SeasonWe just released an update for ESL Wire, which removes VLAN from our desktop tool. This feature was hardly used anways, but the removal excludes possible sources of error and we can focus even more on ESL Wire's core feature Anti-Cheat.

Friday, 23/03

ESL Wire | 15:38
Springtime is busttime: 1344 cheaters banned!It's spring time in Europe, the temperature is rising and so is mood of many people. This seems to be the right time to lock away some more cheaters to prevent them disturbing you while playing on ESL. Most of the cheaters played Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike: Source, Battlefield 3, the Call of Duty series and as a premier Crossfire!

Wednesday, 14/12

ESL Wire | 17:27
Bustday before Christmas: 472 cheaters got bannedJust 17 days until 2011 is over and the new year begins. So we thought to bring you another present those days that might bring up some happy faces around in some scenes. Another batch of 472 cheaters who were caught by ESL Wire Anti-Cheat have been banned today and won't be able to stress you out while playing on the ESL during the holidays!

Friday, 30/09

ESL Wire | 11:59
ESL Wire Anti-Cheat keeps watching you!ESL Wire Anti-Cheat works in the background to exclude all cheaters from VERSUS. and our competitions, so you can enjoy your matches. Usually we also ban these cheaters in the background constantly. 493 spoilsports were caught since our last news in June. But recently we've caught almost 200 cheaters at a stroke, which we wanted to share with you.

Friday, 15/07

ESL Wire | 15:22
A new feature is online!On Thursday afternoon we activated a new feature called Wire Monitoring. Now you can see how long Wire Anti-Cheat was running during a match on a matchsheet or the gather page. You will also get an ingame notification, if a player got no running Wire Anti-Cheat due to a internet disconnect, a crash of Wire or if he is killing the process himself.
ESL Wire | 15:22
What the f**k is up with ESL Wire?!The last days some problems with ESL Wire and ESL Wire Anti-Cheat showed up. Sessions got aborted, Wire took too much RAM or was not launching at all. We'd like to give you some more information regarding these problems, which should be fixed now.

Tuesday, 28/06

ESL Wire | 17:39
And again 254 cheaters caught!Over 1,500 cheaters have been caught by ESL Wire Anti-Cheat since its release, and since the last bust news a further 254 cheaters have found themselves busted. We are still detecting all kinds of private cheats, even when everyone is saying they are WAC proof, so do not believe what you read! Find the names of the busted and some more facts in this news.

Tuesday, 10/05

ESL Wire | 13:22
ESL Wire: Your feedback is important to us!In our last big news about the 346 cheaters caught on last week, we are now moving forwards with the announced call for feedback our development so far. We want to get as much feedback as possible to improve ESL Wire and ESL Wire Anti Cheat to suit you and to release features that you ask for!

Monday, 02/05

ESL Wire | 17:53
ESL Wire strikes again: 346 cheaters caught!After hitting the milestone of 1,000 caught cheaters it has been silent on the ESL Wire front, but we have been working in the background on improving the detections. Since the last major announcement, we have caught a further 346 cheaters in ESL matches. Find the names and some more facts in this news.

Friday, 18/03

ESL Wire | 14:37
Over 1,000 busted cheatersLast month we broke the mark of 1,000 busted cheaters with ESL Wire Anti-Cheat since the release in September 2010. We are hunting down cheaters on a daily basis and we keep on developing Wire Anti-Cheat. New games were supported and we do everything we can to keep the games clean. Since the last news we caught 386 cheaters.

Tuesday, 01/02

ESL Wire | 12:56
New ESL Wire Version: 1.9.4In the new ESL Wire version (version 1.9.4) are some bug fixes for Wire and especially Linesman - e.g. we created a retry button for uploading the Linesman files. You can find all changes of ESL Wire 1.9.4 in the changelog of the new version.

Wednesday, 19/01

ESL Wire | 13:52
ESL Wire Anti-Cheat: Intermediate ConclusionIn the beginning of 2010, ESL's Director of Gaming Communities, David 'Affentod' Hiltscher posted a daring statement in the comments of a renown German scene website. He promised to eliminate public hacks and private hacks in the biggest games in a year. Almost one year is over now - time for a conclusion!

Thursday, 13/01

ESL Wire | 17:47
316 Cheaters less, 3 more Features2010 was ESL's year of Anti-Cheat. This doesn't mean we have stopped fighting. We are still programming Wire Anti-Cheat and hunting down cheaters on a daily basis. Leagues for several games have to be protected and we do everything we can to keep them clean. Since the last big bust news last year, we have caught 316 more cheaters.
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