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First name: Sebastian
Age: 32
City: Cologne
WC3L Supervisor & ESL Chief Tournament Director.My "gaming career" started in the early 90's on the Super Nintendo and Amiga.In the mid 90's I got my 1st PC and started playing games there, however the 1st competitive online game i played was Warcraft II back in 98.With the release of Warcraft III in 2002 i basically stopped playing actively and moved on the the admin site.In July a friend and I created the famous G..  ..more
First name: Niels
Age: 40

My career as an online gamer started of with Starcraft in 2001. I mostly played on the US realms due to serious lag problems with the European battle.net. Some time after Warcraft 3 came out i decided it was time to start with a new game and Warcraft was the natural choice. I then applied for a position in the WC3L's staff. After being clanleague admin for about 2-3 months i became headadmin of the WC3L and a little ..  ..more
First name: David
Age: 32
City: Köln
Admin for IEM, WCS, EPS Games: StarCraft II, League of Legends, World of Warcraft
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