In memory of RAGE.eSports vs. Searching Organization
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 In memory of RAGE.eSports
 Searching Organization
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MatchID 12512116
Date Tuesday, 24/02/09 18:00
Calculated 24/02/09 21:40
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1on1:  Twisted Meadows, <tba><tba>
Sonik 0 : 2 nicker
1on1:  Melting Valley, <tba><tba>
KerchNET.Majestic 1 : 2 Cash
1on1:  Secret Valley, <tba><tba>
Sonik 2 : 1 Cash
1on1:  Echo Isle, <tba><tba>
KerchNET.Majestic 1 : 2 nicker
2on2:  Turtle Rock, <tba><tba>
NightWOlf, KPECT 0 : 2 Cash, nicker
Searching Organization wins !
RAGE 1 : 4 ur welcome
Points +1 : +4
24/02/09 19:09
KerchNET.Majestic vs. Cash Game1*
95 kB, 24/02/09 19:09, by Markus-inaktive (RAGE)
24/02/09 19:38
KerchNET.Majestic vs. Cash Game2*
169 kB, 24/02/09 19:38, by 123 (ur welcome)
24/02/09 19:53
KerchNET.Majestic vs. Cash Game3*
93 kB, 24/02/09 19:53, by 123 (ur welcome)
24/02/09 20:32
KerchNET.Majestic vs. nicker Game1*
275 kB, 24/02/09 20:32, by Illusion
24/02/09 21:05
KerchNET.Majestic vs. nicker Game2*
164 kB, 24/02/09 21:05, by Illusion
24/02/09 21:10
KerchNET.Majestic vs. nicker Game3*
108 kB, 24/02/09 21:10, by Illusion
24/02/09 18:17
NightWOlf/KPECT vs. Cash/nicker Game1*
134 kB, 24/02/09 18:17, by 123 (ur welcome)
24/02/09 18:37
NightWOlf/KPECT vs. Cash/nicker Game2*
201 kB, 24/02/09 18:37, by Illusion
24/02/09 20:14
Sonik vs. Cash Game1*
139 kB, 24/02/09 20:14, by 123 (ur welcome)
24/02/09 20:30
Sonik vs. Cash Game2*
95 kB, 24/02/09 20:30, by 123 (ur welcome)
24/02/09 20:50
Sonik vs. Cash Game3*
148 kB, 24/02/09 20:50, by 123 (ur welcome)
24/02/09 18:50
Sonik vs. nicker Game1*
67 kB, 24/02/09 18:50, by Illusion
24/02/09 19:28
Sonik vs. nicker Game2*
218 kB, 24/02/09 19:28, by Illusion
* No longer available
Let The Games Begin!
Today the Warcraft 3 League season starts for us and we are very happy to take part in this season. We will face the team EYE Sports, which could beat us the last two times in very important matches.

One time we played them in the qualification and one time we played them in the NGL 3on3 qualification. Now we get a revenge and and the players are really motivated to beat EYE Sports.
It won’t be easy, because EYE has got a lot of new good players which are really strong.

I hope the better team will win and I wish good luck to EYE Sports. Fans, cheer for us, keep your fingers crossed for us and enjoy the games. Let the games begin!

Hasta Luego,

Searching Organization
17/02/09 21:24
Statement by EYE
Greetings BRA-BLAY!
Finally the season has begun. We're waited for it with impatience. We were prepared for it the whole eternity and we are confident the forces on. Our opponents will be Brablay, which has been destroyed 2 times by us before. Actually their team contains such strong players as: XyLigan, Bly, Sonik, KPECT, but they could not win us, because we have biggest advantage, which we had never before. Also our Team Spirit is awesome and players are in great shape. We will struggle for each point to show good results. Lets eliminate them 3rd time EYE!!! GOGOGO
Good Luck and Have Fun!!!

comments (24)
how many times you guys going to play each other ffs! LOL XD
seriously. :D
gogo EYE and Demigod
damn we have to play on WPL playoffs tho =) @ 1st round ffs ;/
gl EYE
#7 wpl dead so i guess not
Good luck, BraBlay! I believe in ur win!
bb fighting
EYE 4 sure
EYE sports FTW revolver is so good without such high apms ^^

EYE.Yane + EYE.Revolver = gg iGC
Clanless vs Seaching Home :D
CoolFX !
hf guys
Brabley1 vs brabley2 )
Brablay: матч всех звёзд О_О
hope they release the line-up half an our before the match starts <.<
no yane or xylgian :
poor cash :(
Easy 3-0
EYE will win this without a loss ^^
gg wp
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