wNv Teamwork vs. Keepers of Destruction
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 wNv Teamwork
 Keepers of Destruction
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MatchID 10266692
Date Wednesday, 06/08/08 05:00
Calculated 06/08/08 10:03
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1on1:  Echo Isles, <tba><tba>
<unknown> 2 : 0 <unknown>
1on1:  Turtle Rock, <tba><tba>
<unknown> 0 : 2 <unknown>
1on1:  Lost Temple(ROC), <tba><tba>
<unknown> 2 : 0 <unknown>
1on1:  Melting Valley, <tba><tba>
<unknown> 2 : 0 <unknown>
2on2:  Lost Temple(ROC), <tba><tba>
<unknown> 0 : 2 <unknown>
wNv Teamwork wins !
wNv 3 : 2 KoD
Points +3 : +2
 Name Ratio Summe Diff
     Wins Losses   
 1.  MacSed   3.00 2 0 +2
 2.  Xiaot   3.00 2 0 +2
 3.  StrifeCro   3.00 2 0 +2
 4.  TH000   1.00 2 2 0
 5.  Axslav   1.00 2 2 0
 6.  BoO.362   0.00 0 2 -2
 7.  Sai   0.00 0 4 -4
vs wNv
Tonight is our second match of this young season. We will be facing the Chinese team of wNv, they just played a match yesterday so hopefully they are too tired to micro for this one. We had somewhat bad first week vs MYM only scoring one point but we should also be grateful that we were able score at all. So, tonight we will be looking to get as many points possible vs wNv. We would like to wish wNv gl and hf.

P.S. Shoutout to wNv players for waking up early(11am) for once in their life ^^ also to the admin(s) that will be awake at 5am to handle this match tt sry.
wNv Teamwork
05/08/08 04:08
wNv vs KOD
Hello there,

Not long after we have almost finished with GG we don't have time to sit it out and relax yet. We have yet another match but this time vs KOD.
KOD doesn't need any introductions as it's probably one of the best American team of the moment and most successful as well. They have proved in the past they can pack quite a punch if they are taken too lightly.

I hope the cw time (5 :00 am) which was set this way to accommodate both clans needs (china's bad net and KOD's working and student players) won't upset the fans too much.

Anyway, GL & HF KOD.
comments (79)
gamebank live?
imo,wNv*s team logo is rather unsuccessful,actually,it sicks me so~the 4 big chinese word"智勇团队"...WTF~no euros as well as koreas could recognize them..
5 am :o
omg i cant obs ^.^
sry losemann next time ill take into consideration a good time for u to obs ^^
xiaoT 2:0 ***
sai 2:0 ***
thooo 2:0 ***
MACSED 2:0 ***
xiaoT & sai 2:0 ***

Thooo vs XyLigan match3 must see! first panda ~many ways of harassment!i love thooo's match .always give us surprise. maybe he is the best random player in this moment.
Free Tibet
#7,Do you think you are a freedom fighter? Do you have been to Tibet ? Of course you have not , You know nothing about the Tibet's history so please shut your mouth
KoD DarkChrono,You should go to the Olympics and say this words so the people of the world can kick your butt!
KoD DarkChrono,please shut your mouth!You donot konw something about Tibet!
#7 If u was a president of canada , after ur words bombs from china already flying into montreal ... Rly need to be carefull , if you u knew situation there only from BBC and CNN .
Tibet!!!!!!!!Support from Europe :)
wNv 4 - 1 KOD
I bet KoD got a lot more chinese fans now DarkChrono.
It's really ridiculous!You are on behalf of the European!If you hurt the Chinese people's feelings, I CAN on behalf of the Chinese People and kick your butt! You know I can and you can't!
#7 How can believe such crazy things? American should be silence, government should give you silence with baton!
Hmm #7

You know Tibet’s history in China goes back 200 years before Europeans set foot in North America… so ya… before freeing Tibet, everyone of the 31 million so-called Canadians should go packing back to Europe and free the Natives first.

We just LOVE to see the Quebec independent, don’t we?

Oh and let’s see… a little quiz for you:

Do you know Tibet’s history?
Did you ever go to Tibet?
Can you point out Tibet on the world map?

Failed? -.- kk
love DarkChrono, nice to see the reactions of the chinese people in these thread which are infected by the partisan proganda of the chinese politicians!! :D:D

btw Free Tibet!!!!!!!!!!
free tibet
i hope KoD wins, i love axslav with his potm! its so original!!:D
Tibet? don`t know!

I`m for free China!!
Yaa Free Tibet gogo KoD
Guys I might be wrong but I'm pretty sure #7 was a troll post.

Anyway I'm all in on GG.net for KoD so..


#23 they may make our stuff but we keep them fed xD
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Free tibet

.. and give us Macau back
Free Tibet.
no chance in solo against xiaot or th000, but still gl KoD :)
#25 macau is a part of china, btw, ur country might be too weak to keep it at this moment
#29 I'm chilling on the internet here, browsing all the sites that i want to and stuff. I'm feeling strong ~~
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#30 oh really? well, If u think your country is strong enough why dont you call your present to ask him to send your battleships to China?
Oh sorry, they were all destroyed I think.
1 edits
Where did they get destroyed lol. You should read a thing or two about the sovereignty transfer. And do you want a present? Its not christmas yet.
I don't understand why do so many people speak without a brain? You know nothing about Tibet ! So keep silence!
#25,Macao has always been a part of China,and forever!You can try to snatch and we can tell you the fate of bandits!
#33 dude I think you are just easily trolled by #7, #22, and #26. Think about it, why else would you post something like that in a WC3L clanwar vs. a chinese team xD. It's just a joke
2 edits
If I feel that the 911 incident was the Americans retribution, do you think is a joke?
You can take it another joke !
Cultural autonomy for Tibet!

Which has been one of China's biggest advantages during the height of the nation.
shut up!OK?
#38 Welcome to China, you will find that you said it is very naive! You knew situation there only from BBC and CNN and Facts ≠ BBC , Freedom fighters!
whats wrong with xiaot ... wnv loses everything because of him not showing up :S
I am not a COMMUNIST ,but Tibet is a part of china!If you donot know the history of Tibet,please shut up!If you donot know the situation of Tibet,please shut up!Donot only watch the western paper!
To "RG grAyf0x", what you said sounds like a silly story. A bandit(Portugal) robbed sth. from a civilian(China) by force long ago, but it was judged to give it back to this civilian(China) by police(the U.N.), however the bandit shouted for fairness again, and if he was not crazy or imbecile, the education of his county must be aboriginal. It's really sad of Portugal, isn't it?
#17 MYM meh
You are someone rational, and what you've said is worthy of respection. I do hope the fact of Tibet could be really understond by the world.
I respection you too.
You should life today and stop accusing invasions with historical facts that are hundreds of years in the past.
That way nearly every country could claim other regions which belong to them in the past.
When your army invaded Tibet it was a free country with an own culture and religion thats the only thing that matters.

think about it.

edit: But this doesnt mean i dont like chinese people. Blaming the teams for something like Tibet wont change anything. Acctually its not theire fault.

Th000 <3 Axslav <3
2 edits
How about your own country?Dare you say it is not made up by many free countries many years ago?Now that you are Freedom Fighters,please start in your country.Chinese thing is not your business!
SHUT UP Australia is not communism! Australia is led by proud leader! We not tolerate bad things. Do not read just Chinese paper!
I think I'll call it quits. I could write a long post explaining why the Western world has negative opinions of China BECAUSE idiots like you post all this stupid "CHINA IS NUMBER ONE YOU ARE BAD BAD MAN AND YOU BIAS!" shit. For fucks sake rofl ONE person said "Free Tibet", and then you all explode into idiocy. The reason people say shit about China is because you guys get so offended so easily. And that's exactly why it's so hysterically funny.

Free Tibet!
OK,your country is so great that you don't know new things about other countries.Countinue dreaming!
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