MYM.WC3 vs. Mousesports.Wc3
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Date Thursday, 24/04/08 17:00
Calculated 24/04/08 20:39
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1on1:  Turtle Rock, <tba><tba>
<unknown> 2 : 1 <unknown>
1on1:  Twisted Meadows, <tba><tba>
<unknown> 2 : 1 <unknown>
1on1:  Gnoll Wood, <tba><tba>
<unknown> : <unknown>
1on1:  Echo Isles, <tba><tba>
<unknown> : <unknown>
2on2:  Twisted Meadows, <tba><tba>
<unknown> 2 : 1 <unknown>
MYM.WC3 wins !
MYM 3 : 0 mouz
Points +3 : 0
21/04/08 20:10
MYM vs. mouz
The end of the season is nearing and all that is left before the finals is the all important playoffs. Obviously both teams want to win and I believe both teams have the strenght to win.
We are going into this match with a small advantage as we got to pick the maps, but seeing as this makes our lineup that much more predictable the advantage quickly fades away and all that will be left to determine the outcome of each game will be players skill and determination. Our determination is at it's highest as we have never missed an offline finals to this date and we hope to be able to continue that streak.
23/04/08 14:27
Tomorrow we will face MYM in the playoffs and only a win counts, doesnt matter with which score.

But we are the underdog. They were ranked higher at the end of the season, so they played a better season. Their big advantage is that they had the mapchoice which left us with pretty bad maps…. How else could it be, theyd have done something wrong if it wouldnt be like that!

We will do our best to surprise although it will be very though!

Gl hf MYM!
comments (72)
Lucifer > ToD
Moon > Fly100
Grubby > SaSe
Susiria < Happy

MYM > Mouz
nice game Lucifer
go MYM xD
maybe "must see"
Lucifer < ToD
Moon > Fly100
Grubby > SaSe
Susiria < Happy
MYM2n2 < mouz2n2

MYM < Mouz
Want MYM to win but <3 ToD..

gogo MYM but also gogo ToD!!
mouz win this!
i see mouse winning this, happy > susi atm imo, and moon seems to be in terrible condition so fly gonna pwn
I see MYM winning this with 2:0 and 1:0 for Moon : )
haha, nice critical strikes by fly's bm, I don't get why moon goes mass dryads without bears on map were the orc can get trolls, so its forrest trolls and raiders vs dryads, guess who wins... medium armor vs piercing and unarmored vs siege and piercing...
"Their big advantage is that they had the mapchoice which left us with pretty bad maps…"
in the interview on some e-sport site he said it other way :P
think fly wins the 3rd map...
happy can beat susi
but sase do not have any chance grubby so mym will win
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not surprising ..
GG's mouz
I think Mouz deserves a btter score than 3:0..
At least i was pretty sure ToD would win Luci.
Gg's mouz.
lucky mym today could have been 3:0 for mouz
lol @ fly screaming WOOD in the 2on2 as if they were some noobs who don't use ventrilo... if they really only use the chat it's amazing that they get this level of teamplay

but training 10/24 h per day seems to be > all
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"lucky mym today could have been 3:0 for mouz" no need of such comments
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now when u win 3:0 is luck...
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