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News December 2003
Europe  WC3L 
Num News: 29
Tuesday, 30/12/03 00:46 | WC3L
Last weekend the WC3L Replay Database celebrated it's 1'000'000th download. We had to wait about four months for a 500k downloads but it took us less then two to reach the million. The increasing interest and the positive response of our visitors encouraged me to sit down and finaly add all those half-finished features that have been lying about in the past few months:

  • Version display in the replay overview

  • "Detail View" for each replay

  • Comment system without having to be registered

  • Rating system

  • Rules overview

  • APM info's including APM charts

  • While some features may be just for fun, I hope that especially the comments and rating systems will be used frequently so we can all benefit from them. More features like hotkey usage statistics or possibly build orders as well as some consequent things like sorting by ratings or apm values will be added soon, more precisely when I'm back home from my trip to Bruxelles at the end of the week. Happy New Year!
    Saturday, 27/12/03 22:37 | WC3L
    Sunday night at 20.00 CET we will see the last clanwar of playday 9 when a-L meets mTw.

    Clan a-L still can make it out of the playdown ranks on their own but for that they need to pull out some tricks. a-L is still suffering from the recent loss of some of their players, a clear 0:5 vs 4K says more than thousand words.

    mTw on the other hand plays a very solid season. Still, they are only 5 points away from the playoff places so they shouldn't take the rest of their matches to easy. At least they won't have any communication problems as mTw will only play german clans for the rest of the regular season.

    An overwhelming 93% think that mTw will win this clanwar. But a-L have always been good for a surprise. A clan that manages to loose a 2:0 overall and 1:0 1:0 single match lead in the playoffs and still can come back to the wc3l via some special qualifications is able to do just about anyhting.

    *** Shoutcasts:

    Kidarctica from warcraftreplays.com will do an english shoutcast. For our german listeners r4v3n|pinky will be online at Eventstream 2 of Gamesports FM.

    a-L.MSI vs. mTw sunday CET:

    a-L.MSI|Mirai & a-L.MSI|ZOMbo vs. mTw-LasH & mTw-Tak3r 1:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
    a-L.MSI|fl1pst4r & a-L.MSI|ThurisaZ vs. mTw-Matzerg & mTw-Ghostridah 2:1
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
    a-L.MSI|uc vs. mTw-Ghostridah 0:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
    a-L.MSI|DoomBringer vs. mTw-Tak3r 0:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
    a-L.MSI|ThurisaZ vs. mTw-Lash 2:1
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3

    Total Score: 2:3

    LWL will do a french shoutcast for the rest of SK vs aT wich is beeing played today.

    SK vs. aT:

    SK.pLaGuE & SK.SuRviVoR vs. [aT]GeNThO & [aT]Shortround 0:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
    SK.Dominator vs. [aT]Shortround 0:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2

    We will also see the rest of the following clanwars, as sunday is the deadline for these games.

    rS vs. 64AMD

    rS.eTched & rS.KlasH vs. 64AMD.BigEr & 64AMD.Caravaggio 0:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
    rS.eTched vs. 64AMD.Caravaggio 0:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2

    OCRANA.D-Link vs. plan-B [HeadZ]

    ocr.D-Link*vOor & ocr.D-Link*Zyrano vs. pB.Duke)oOo( & pB.Exile)oOo( 2:0
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
    ocr.D-Link*kain & ocr.D-Link*boNe vs. pB.Limmet)oOo( & pB.alven)oOo( 1:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
    ocr.D-Link*vOor vs. pB.SjoW)oOo( 0:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2

    pG vs 4K

    Twinsen[pG] & Racor[pG] vs. 4K.Fury & 4K.Lawn 1:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
    Friday, 26/12/03 00:01 | WC3L
    The temperature is rising and the crowd is getting high! This saturday the roof will be on fire in the WC3L. Two of the best clans in the world will face each other.
    On the one side we have the current #4 and two time WC3L champion SK. (Schroet Kommando) and on the other side the current #3 and vice champion of season No2 aT (armaTeam). As you can see in the Clantable , aT is currently 1 point ahead of SK and with just 3 matches to go until the playoffs, both teams urgently needs any point in order to put themself into a good position for the playoffs.
    Our tipgamer's see a clear advantage for SK in this match, as outstanding 87% predict them to win over aT , but as we know from past matches between these two teama, this match has always been very close and exciting.
    » Comments from SK.Nuke and [aT]LwL

    But that's not all for this saturday, beginning at 9pm rS will face 64AMD. Even if this war might not be as exciting as the one above, we still expect a nice match. rS had a very disappointing season so far, because they haven't won a single clanwar yet.
    64AMD on the other side didn't do well either lately, as they have lost their last 4 matches as well, so this match might be closer than expected even if 87 % of our tipgamer's see 64AMD as the clear favorite.

    Finished? Not yet. OCRANA.D-Link and plan-B [HeadZ] are also playing on saturday.
    OCRANA.D-Link seems to be in good shape lately as they have won their last 3 matches and therefore made their way back to #7,which gives them a realistic chance to reach the playoffs.
    plan-B is currently ranked 9th and proved their strengh last week when they almost managed to defeat the current wc3l champion mTw. As plan-B is already 4 points behind OCRANA.D-Link, nothing than a clear win is needed in order to keep their playoffs chances alive.
    However 67% of our tipgamer's believe in OCRANA.D-Link and we are looking forward to see if plan-B will prove them wrong.


    For our german listeners Khaldor will be online at Eventstream 1 of Gamesports FM, an English shoutcast will be brought to you by KidArctica from warcraftreplays.com (starting around 21.00) and for our fans from France we will also have LWL casting in french.

    SK vs. aT saturday 7.30pm:

    SK.Dominator & SK.Insomnia vs. [aT]Wizard & [aT]Deco 2:0
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
    SK.pLaGuE & SK.SuRviVoR vs. [aT]GeNThO & [aT]Shortround 0:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
    SK.Dominator vs. [aT]Shortround 0:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
    SK.Insomnia vs. [aT]Wizard 1:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
    SK.SuRviVoR vs. [aT]Deco 1:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3

    Total score: 1:4

    rS vs. 64AMD saturday 9pm:

    rS.Hyper & rS.Maestro vs. 64AMD.inFi & 64AMD.BiZ`- 1:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
    rS.eTched & rS.KlasH vs. 64AMD.BigEr & 64AMD.Caravaggio 0:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
    rS.eTched vs. 64AMD.Caravaggio 0:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
    rS.Pillage vs. 64AMD.NitemarE 0:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
    rS.X vs. 64AMD.DiDi8 1:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3

    Total score: 0:5

    OCRANA.D-Link vs. plan-B [HeadZ] saturday 9pm:

    ocr.D-Link*vOor & ocr.D-Link*Zyrano vs. pB.Duke)oOo( & pB.Exile)oOo( 2:0
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
    ocr.D-Link*kain & ocr.D-Link*boNe vs. pB.Limmet)oOo( & pB.alven)oOo( 1:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
    ocr.D-Link*kookian vs. pB.Eldor)oOo( 2:1
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
    ocr.D-Link*Diaz vs. pB.Hulm)oOo( 1:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
    ocr.D-Link*vOor vs. pB.SjoW)oOo( 0:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2

    Total score: 2:3
    Tuesday, 23/12/03 00:01 | WC3L
    Tonight at 20.00 CET we will see the first playday 9 clanwar featuring pG and 4K at 20.00 CET.

    4K seems to be in good shape atm - especially Grubby seems to be owning anything. Some people even say that Grubby is imbalanced. A clear 5:0 vs a-L showed how dangerous they really are.

    pG on the other hand is still suffering from the loss of some players in the past. Their active squad is one of the smallest in the wc3l and thus they don't have much of a choise when it comes to lineups. But as mTw proofed that doesn't have to be a bad thing. Still only 8% of our tipgamers think they will stand a chance against the mighty 4K.

    There will be a German shoutcast with r4v3n|pinky from Gamesports FM.

    Be sure to check out the » Statements from the clan headorgas

    pro-gaming.net vs Four Kings Tuesday 20.00 CET:

    Twinsen[pG] & Racor[pG] vs. 4K.Fury & 4K.Lawn 1:2 (postponed!)
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
    Allanon[pG] & BuTTerKeKs[pG] vs. 4K.Grubby & 4K.Kaj 1:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
    Racor[pG] vs. 4K.Kiko 2:1
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
    Twinsen[pG] vs. 4K.Fury 0:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
    Fisheye[pG] vs. 4K.Grubby 0:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 (MUST SEE!)

    Total score: 1:4
    Tuesday, 23/12/03 00:00 | WC3L
    Today at 20:00 aT-Deco and SK.Insomnia played the finals of the 73th Go4WC3 Tournament.
    In 5 hard battles Deco managed to win over Insomnia with 3:2. Congratulations to both players!

    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3 - Game 4 - Game 5

    Also we'll give you a short overview of the current top 10 of the Go4WC3 Tourneyranking:

    1. SK.Miou
    2. 4K.Grubby
    3. 4K.Zeus[19]
    4. SK.SuRviVoR
    5. Team64AMD.BigEr
    6. mouz|spell
    7. DSky.Creepbom
    8. MYM]Bjarke
    9. crafty[AoT]
    10. ocr.D-LinK.Hane

    The complete Ranking is available here: Go4WC3 Top 1000 Ranking
    and of course you can signup for the next tourney here: Go4WC3 Tourney #74 Signup
    Monday, 22/12/03 21:28 | Global
    The Electronic Sports League (ESL) announces its latest international venture. After many years, the ESL has become the most famous online gaming league in Germany and is increasing its presence in many other European countries. With features such as the ESL Amateur Series (EAS) and the ESL Pro Series (EPS), the ESL is striving to improve the professionalism of the eSports industry in every way possible.

    The Electronic Sports League is the leading European computer gaming league adopting common sports rules and systems to electronic sports. With the development of an integrated national team and individual player championship, ESL now presents their own europe-wide competition: The ESL European Nations Championship (ENC).

    Just like in a traditional sport setting, the need for identification with one's national team is an additional requirement beside the team competition. Therefore, national concepts in e-Sports are indispensable. Soon Europe's best players will once again face each other in two exciting games:
    • Counter-Strike
    • Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne
    Starting in February 2004, 24 national teams will compete in the first season of the ENC with the possibility of additional countries in further seasons. The best eight teams will face each other on LAN at the finals in Cologne and fight for the prize money of 20.000 Euro.

    Each national team will be chosen by qualified national partners of the ESL to represent their country and earn it's honour.

    Further information on tourney mode, groups, game modes and partners will follow.
    Sunday, 21/12/03 19:46 | WC3L
    Due to christmas/end of the year playday 10 of the WC3L will be played out over 2 weeks. Playday 9 has to be finished December 28th; playday 10 has to be completed until January 11th 2004.
    Sunday, 21/12/03 00:20 | WC3L
    Christmas is approaching and 4K could easily afford making presents for a-L. But we don't expect too easy games for the German clan against their extremely strong opponent on Sunday. a-L really needs to win some games to avoid going into playdowns while 4K is unbeaten since their close loss against aT on Playday 2. 95% tipgamers therefore expect an overwhelming performance by Grubby and his mates. We'll see if those 5% for a-L are really completely wrong in their faith.

    4K vs. a-L.MSI sunday 8pm

    4K.Fury & 4K.Lawn vs. a-L|Mirai & a-L|Dan 2:0
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
    4K.Grubby & 4K.Zeus vs. a-L|DalaiLameR & a-L|hAsU 2:1
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
    4K.Zeus vs. a-L|ThurisaZ 2:1
    Replays: Game 1 (MUST SEE!) - Game 2 - Game 3
    4K.Fury vs. a-L|uc 2:0
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
    4K.Grubby vs. a-L|DalaiLameR 2:0
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2

    Total score: 5:0

    Two shoutcasts will accompany tonight's matches. First we have an English shoutcast featuring KidArctica from warcraftreplays.com. (from 8.30 pm)
    Second is a German shoutcast with Reaper from Gamesports FM.
    Saturday, 20/12/03 17:20 | WC3L
    ... chaos reigned over the world of Warcraft III. These times ten brave tribes waged war on each other in a world of gaming, fighting for honour and the domination of the WC3L.
    Couriers like LwL and Storch whose names went down in history, both in the past and in the modern age, wrote about the happenings. Their valuable scriptures were not only essential in ancient times but maybe even more today, as they deliver us the saga of the battle of the giants. This was the break of a new era...

    The scenes of the tribes facing each other in exciting battles found more and more new followers and gained on popularity and were held in high regard.
    Several scriptures tell us the story of a shoutcast legend called Sir Wack_Steven. He and his successor Khaldor significantly contributed to the good reputation the WC3L acquired. The growing community started very soon to bet on the fights risking all their possessions.
    It was not only the community which was changing but also the techniques of the fighting strategies. Together with this development the word "abuse" was found, which significance continually rose during history.
    Mystical things happened...
    According to ancient traditions certain heroes found the key to new power raising the woods of Kalimdor to live and having them fight for them in fierce battles. An obediant servant of the Armateam became one of the treeabuse greats.
    It was his tribe which went into battle against their fiercest enemy tribe Schroet Kommando. It was a life and death struggle and is said to be the most exciting encounter on the battle ground.
    The message of these two mighty tribes facing each other spread fast and the followers all over the world demanded detailed battlereports. This was the time of birth of the Replay Database. This invention was very much welcomed among everyone.
    But it was not only a time full of prosperity for everyone. While some were enjoying increasing significance others were struggling to survive. Lot of tribes tried to claim their part in the world of the WC3L but most of them failed. The fall of the eSu Empire followed by further tribes that suffered defeats was a sad part of the history of the WC3L and maybe the first step towards the sinking of the Reign of Chaos.
    Upcoming riots and unrest were not without consequences and threatend to result in a disaster. The government in power, Blizzard, had to react. People were crying out for a new king. And as neccessity is the mother of invention a new king was named. His Throne accession was celebrated in wild and boisterous parties as if there was no tomorrow. The new king watched the the celebrating crowd sitting on his Frozen Throne.

    With the begin of the new reign a lots of things changed. Out of the thirst for power of the new lord new heros were born and things seemed to turn better. In the Storm and Stress era soon the new heroes became more and more disputed. The probably most controversial figure was the nukish Beastmaster. He was able to summon powerful bears and hawks which drove people to dispair.
    The following epoche was even more filled with happenings...
    On a grey and rainy day savage people of a still unknown area invaded the country to penetrate enemy lines. These furiously looking and speaking fighters with their new and mordern weapons called themselves SAINT. Their methods of warfaring differed a lot from the traditional and known ones. With their pretty coloured masks they misleaded their opponents so that they could not know who they were actually facing. Making this method more common among the native tribes was their greatest achievement. Far from home, thus probably due to homesickness, they retarted.
    First it seemed things went back to normal, but later on it turned out that it was a time of generous friendship between certain tribes. The WC3L has never before experienced such politeness and willingsness to help.
    Some extraordinary brave fighters helped other originally enemy tribes in important battles.
    But instead of being praised and celebrated by the masses the powerful gods of this world decided to take away all their powers in the lands of Azeroth and make them useless for their tribes on this planet. Therefore they are now forced to battle on other realms or even to settle their forces for ever...
    This decision of the lords went down in the annals as most unfair verdict and injustice became a completely new issue to look at. In praticular regarding a former verdict handed down by the gods of Warcraft. The scriptures tell us the story of the most crucial captital offence in history that has been committed before.
    One fellow of the tribe mortal Teamwork managed to hear the popular shoutcast while he was in the battle. Thus he had an disasterous big advantage over his opponent. As a result he was banned for the following war of his tribe. This sentence was disputed very hard. Noone could ever understand how this incredible verdict came up ....

    Today the lands of Kalimdor are devided upon the twelve strongest tribes steady fighting to move their boarders forward and claiming more and more power in the world of Warcraft. They all make use of the different races and heroes out there in the big wide world of Northrend, Kalimdor, Lordaeron and Azeroth just to reach their final goal winning the WarcraftLeauge and therewith claiming the Frozen Throne of Warcraft for them. The lust for more and more power even forced more and more heroes to change sides during battles to make sure they are on the right side at the end. Waves of strong fighting squads, trained hard within the battles of the past, clash upon each other and will once more determine the most powerful tribe.
    And as long as the sun shines upon the empires of the tribes passing the land of the brave orcish hordes together with the restless humans the evil undead and the mystic nightelves, we all can be witnesses of one of the greatest spectacles of time. And while I am telling you this story those people out there are already filling a new page of the neverending story of the WC3L.

    I hope you enjoyed reading the farely different yearly review of the WC3L, as it was thought as a little thank you to the participating players and the community who gave us a lot of support in the past year.

    The WC3L and Go4WC3 staff wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy and successful new year 2004!
    Friday, 19/12/03 19:08 | WC3L
    Tomorrow at 7pm/8pm aT is going to meet 64AMD (gmpo). This clanwar will be very interesting, as it is going to show us if aT still has the personnel to play at the WC3L competitively without their banned players. 64AMD isn't an easy opponent as well, with rank #6 they aren't doing very bad. This war may also decide whether aT will hold their chances at winning season 4. So we are all looking forward to see this clanwar.

    Tomorrow at 9.30pm both clans will meet to fight. Although the USA are the most powerful country in the world, our WC3L-ranking doesn't confirm this for the world of WarCraft III: rS has won only one clanwar so far. DSky on the other hand plays a very successfull season, they are ranked on #4 with six wins out of eight games. Off course our tipgamers are aware of these facts, 91% bet on DSky. Will they be able to fulfill the tipgamers wishes? We will see tomorrow.

    aT vs. 64AMD saturday 7pm/8pm:

    [aT]GeNThO & [aT]hazeem vs. 64AMD.heat & 64AMD.Zirx 2:1
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
    [aT]Wizard & [aT]Deco vs. 64AMD.inFi & 64AMD.BiZ' 1:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
    [aT]Shortround vs. 64AMD.BigEr 1:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
    [aT]Deco vs. 64AMD.NitemarE 2:1
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
    [aT]Wizard vs. 64AMD.Four20 2:0
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2

    Total score: 3:2

    rS vs. DSky saturday 8.30pm:

    rS.Hyper & rS.Maestro vs. DSky.Ouga & DSky.Satiini 1:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
    rS.eTched & rS.KlasH vs. DSky.Gorthaur & DSky.Creepbom 1:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
    rS.Love vs. DSky.Chemi 0:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
    rS.eTched vs. DSky.eNvious 0:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
    rS.KlasH vs. DSky.Durandal 1:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3

    Total score: 0:5

    We have the pleasure to announce a German shoutcast featuring Doso that is brought to you by GameSports.
    Another shoutcast for aT's games will be the French shoutcast featuring LwL.
    Friday, 19/12/03 16:31 | Europe
    Vietcong players preserved early the desire for a genuine "league", with firm play days and still more match atmosphere. Now it is finally so far, first Vietcong Premiership season begins shortly.
    Friday, 19/12/03 12:56 | Europe
    Today we have opened the first ESL International Worms Ladders. We have gained alot of experience from the German Worms Ladders and we want to establish an International section so players from all countries can play and enjoy!
    Wednesday, 17/12/03 10:23 | WC3L
    Tomorrow, Wednesday at 8pm CEST, mTw, the current WC3L champion, will fight against plan-B. mTw lost the last fight against 4K with 3:2 while plan-B lost their last Playday 7 game against pG with 0:5.
    For our tipgame this fight is already over before it even started. Only 6% think that plan-B will win against the current champion. But we all know that everything is possible. So we look forward to see a good and fair fight and hope that this won't be as boring as 94% of our tipgames think.

    Also tomorrow at 8pm CEST OCRANA.D-Link will meet pG and I don't have to say that this will be a very close fight with two great clans: OCRANA.D-Link owned a-L in Playday 7 with 4:1 and pG walked over plan-B with 5:0.
    66% of our tipgamers think that OCRANA.D-Link will win this fight but we are sure that pG won't agree to this. So we hope to see a very interesting war tomorrow.

    Reaper from gamesports.de will do a german shoutcast.

    plan-B vs. mTw wednesday 8pm:

    pB.Limmet)oOo( & pBAlven)oOo( vs. mTw-Ghostridah & mTw.Matzerg 1:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
    pB.Nuke)oOo( & pB.Duke)oOo( vs. mTw-LasH & mTw-Tak3r 1:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
    pB.Eldor)oOo( vs. mTw-LasH 2:1
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 3
    pB.SjoW)oOo( vs. mTw-Tak3r 2:1
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
    pB.Alven)oOo( vs. mTw-Ghostridah 0:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2

    Total score: 2:3

    ocr.D-Link vs. pG wednesday 8pm:

    ocr.D-Link*vOor & ocr.D-Link*kain vs. BuTTerKeKs[pG] & Allanon[pG]0:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
    ocr.D-Link*Zyrano & ocr.D-Link*Harty vs. Twinsen[pG] & HoRRoR[pG] 2:0
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
    ocr.D-Link*kookian vs. Racor[pG] 2:1
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
    ocr.D-Link*Blaze vs. HoRRoR[pG] 2:1
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
    ocr.D-Link*TaKe vs. Twinsen[pG] 2:0
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2

    Total score: 4:1
    Tuesday, 16/12/03 22:58 | WC3L

    After a short meeting between members of clan sTar) and the WC3L staff, clan sTar) admitted today that two players from clan SK played for them in three clanwars this season. The account sharing allegations were brought up yesterday in this post on the wgtour.com forums.

    The two players from clan SK playing a role in this incident are SK.FaTC and SK.ToD. FaTC played as sTar)ChobO in the clanwars of sTar) vs aNc and sTar) vs mTw. ToD played as sTar)Armor in the clanwars sTar) vs 4K and sTar) vs mTw and as sTar)Psionic in the clanwar sTar) vs mTw.

    This case is yet unprecedented in WC3L history and there are no rules for such a situation. Nevertheless the WC3L cannot tolerate such a behaviour and we thus decided to penalize the clans and players involved in this account sharing scheme as follows:

    clan sTar)
    All matches of clan sTar) will be set to 0:5 (including those still to come). The clan will thus finish the season as last and will have to play the relegation as if they were a new team. Any members of clan sTar)that did not participate in the accountsharing are free to play in the WC3L should they decided to join another WC3L clan. All sTar) members who participated in the account sharing are banned for this season.

    SK.FaTC is banned from playing in the WC3L until this season ends.

    SK.ToD is banned from playing in the WC3L until this season ends.

    clan Schroet Kommando
    SK will not be penalized as the account sharing was an action of single clan members and not supported by the clan itself.

    In addition to this aT-Shore played as sTar)DK in a 2v2 during sTar)'s clanwar vs pg.

    aT-Shore is banned from playing in the WC3L until this season ends.

    » Commentaire team sTar en français

    La team sTar est obligée aujourd'hui de reconnaitre les accusations qui lui sont portés. Nous avons triché lors de la 4 eme saison de la Warcraft Champions league, et malgré notre acharnement, nous somme obligé de tout avouer. Nous avons en effet demander à FaTC et Tod, contre leur grès, de jouer pour nous ( fatc contre mtw : lash et anc : festis ,tod contre mtw : taker et 4k : zeus ).Tout nos membres etant inactif a cette epoque hormis wolf du a de diverse probleme, Dk tres occuper par son travail, Armor n'ayant pas pu payer internet durant 1 mois, ChobO & psio problemes de pc & work.On assume entierement les faits et ont s'excusent au pres de toutes les teams et les teams concernées à savoir mtw 4kings et anc. On s'excuse aussi au pres des admins.

    Cette annonce est certainement pour personne une surprise, nous nous excusons au pres de toute la communauté francaise pour nos actes regretables. Il est vrai qu'il sera très difficile pour nous de regagné une certaine crédibilité aquise il y a de ca un certain temps depuis l'époque de brood war et de Warcraft III Reign of Chaos. Nous allons tirer des enseignements de ce malheureux épisode et tacher temps bien que mal de refaire nos preuves.

    tres sincères excuses,

    l'équipe sTar.

    » Comment from team sTar in English

    Furthermore the armaTeam confessed to admins last weekend that they have also shared accounts; in two cases in season #2 (InToX playing for Blatty and Blatty playing for InToX in the clanwar vs The-Feared, FaTC playing for ToD in the clanwar vs a-Losers)), in one case in season #3 (MnZ playing for LwL in the clanwar vs bmf.headz) and in one case in season #4 (Shore playing for sTar)DK in the clanwar vs pg). The aT players concerned are LwL, Blatty, InToX, MnZ, Shore, FaTC and ToD. In addition to Shore, ToD and FaTC being banned for the season, LwL, MnZ, Blatty and InToX are banned from the WC3L for the rest of the regular season.

    Sunday, 14/12/03 13:30 | WC3L
    David meets Goliath: tonight Schroet Kommando is going to compete with Revolution Sports Gaming. While last seasons vicechampion SK is ranked on #4 with their impressive squad, rS has to suffer the last spot without any win so far. Anyway, rS lost most clanwars with 2:3 which isn't that clear and SK isn't doing as good as expected in the beginning this season. Time will tell, who is the stronger one - at 9pm!

    SK vs. rS sunday 9pm:
    SK.SuRviVoR & SK.pLaGuE vs. rS.Maestro rS.Hyper 2:1
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
    SK.ToD & SK.Dominator vs. rS.Akrobatik rS.KlasH 2:0
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
    SK.FaTC vs. rS.Akrobatik 2:0
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
    SK.pLaGuE vs. rS.eTched 1:2
    Replays: Game 1 Game 2 - Game 3
    SK.ToD vs. rS.Tray 2:1
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3

    Total score: 4:1

    Tow shoutcast will accompany tonight's games.
    On the one hand a German shoutcast with r4v3n|pink presented by Gamesports.
    And on the other hand an English shoutcast featuring the one and only KidArctica from warcraftreplays.com.
    Saturday, 13/12/03 10:19 | WC3L
    Today at 16.00 o'clock our two french teams sTar and armateam will fight each other in hopefully outstanding games. sTar is always good for a surprise, they teached mTw a lesson when they bet them 4:1,but their other matches were all closely lost, so they should start winning now.... On the other hand we got the very well doing armateam, which is ranked 2nd now. Our Tipgamers believe in 80% win for aT.

    LWL will do an french cast (NEW URL)
    Khaldor from gamesports.de will do a german shoutcast. And also Kidarctica from warcraftreplays.com will do an shoutcast, under this IP. Enjoy !

    aT vs. sTaR 4.00 pm (cet):

    aT.Blatty & aT.Hazeem vs. sTar)Meddy & sTar)ChobO 2:1
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
    aT.MnZ & aT.Shore vs. sTar)Psio & sTar)Dk 1:2 (Game 3 forfeited)
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
    aT.Blatty vs sTar)ChobO 1:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
    aT.Shore vs sTar)ArMoR 2:1
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
    aT.Deco vs sTar)Wolfy 1:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3

    Total score: 2:3
    Thursday, 11/12/03 21:52 | WC3L
    An all German match happens between ocr.D-Link and a-L.MSI Both playing a rather weak season with three and two wins. 57% tipgamers presage a triumph for ocr�s strong soloists. We�ll see if a-L can manage to prove us wrong with their lately powerful 2on2 teams.
    As you can see 3 matches have already been played and ocr.D-Link is currently leading 2:1, if you wonder why we haven't reported about the matches earlier ,it is because they were played one by one.

    OCRANA.D-Link vs. Advanced Online Losers.MSI

    ocr.D-Link*Justtryit & ocr.D-Link*vOor vs. a-L.MSI|Dan & a-L.MSI|Mirai 2:1
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
    ocr.D-Link*zyra & ocr.D-Link*harty vs. a-L.MSI|fl1pst4r & a-L.MSI|11looSeR1 2:1
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
    ocr.D-Link*Dark.Force- vs. a-L.MSI|ThurisaZ 2:1
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
    ocr.D-Link*TaKe vs a-L.MSI|DalaiLameR 1:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
    ocr.D-Link*Kookian vs. a-L.MSI|FatRandy 2:0
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2

    Total score: 4:1
    Thursday, 11/12/03 17:34 | WC3L
    Tonight another Playday 7 Clanwar will take place. It's a confrontation between the swedish newcomers from plan-B, which replace aNc, and the german old school Clan pro-Gaming.net.
    61% of our tipgamers vote for a win of plan-B, but the remaining 39% may be right and we will face another victory of pG. Be ready for some close games!

    There are no information about any Shoutcasts yet, but we will update, as soon we have something safe.

    pG vs. pB, 20.00 CET:

    Allanon[pG] & BuTTerKeKs[pG] vs pB.Limmet)oOo( & pB.alven)oOo( 2:1
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
    HoRRoR[pG] & Twinsen[pG] vs pB.Eldor)oOo( & pB.Sjow)oOo( 2:0
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
    HoRRoR[pG] vs pB.Eldor)oOo( 2:1
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
    Twinsen[pG] vs pB.Sjow)oOo( 2:1
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 (Watch out - 50 mins game!) - Game 3
    Racor[pG] vs pB.alven)oOo( 2:0
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2

    Total score: 5:0
    Tuesday, 09/12/03 21:48 | WC3L
    Playday 7 starts off with the war between Destination Skyline and Gampoint.AMD. Both Clans are doing quite well in this season and are ranked very close to each other on #5 and 6, DSky could even win their last four wars in WC3L. Anyway we expect a very close fight, as well as our tippgamers who bet 52:48 on DSky.

    In the second match of tonight we will see last seasons champion mTw vs. last seasons number 4k. This time 4k could have the upper hand as they are 1st in the clan table while mTw is only 4th. Our tipgamers see a 66:34 chance for 4k to get their revange.

    KidArctica from warcraftreplays.com will do an english cast once again.
    Lybra from gamesports.de will do a german shoutcast.

    DSky vs. gmpo.AMD wednesday 7pm:

    ***Update: DSky managed to win one 2on2 and therefore the whole clanwar with 3:2

    DSky|Ouga & DSky|Puffe vs gmpo.AMD.inFi & gmpo.AMD.BiZ'- 2:1
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
    DSky|Blue & DSky|envious vs gmpo.AMD.heat & gmpo.AMD.zirx 0:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
    DSky|Chemi vs gmpo.AMD.Heat 2:0
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
    DSky|Creepbom vs gmpo.AMD.BigEr 0:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
    DSky|envious vs gmpo.AMD.Uberelf 2:1
    Replays: Game 2 - Game 3

    Total score: 3:2

    4K vs. mTw wednesday 8pm:

    ***Update: 4K managed to win the deciding 2on2 and therefore the whole clanwar with 3:2

    4K.Fury & 4K.Lawn vs mTw-Gostridah & mTw-Matzerg 2:0
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
    4K.Grubby & 4K.Kaj vs mTw-LasH & mTw-Tak3r 2:1
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
    4K.Fury vs mTw-Tak3r 1:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
    4K.Zeus[19] vs mTw-LasH 0:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
    4K.Grubby vs mTw-Gostridah 2:0

    Total score: 3:2
    Tuesday, 09/12/03 16:52 | WC3L
    I just took some time to talk to aT-InToX about the tournament itself and his great win!

    Please give us your thoughts about the tournament in general.

    The tourney started on time and went fluently through the whole Saturday evening, I didn't see any mistake in the organisation as always with the WC3L/Go4WC3 staff, I always found an admin when needed and shoutcast was succesfull.
    Perhaps the only bad point was due to me and my last opponent, we were not able to warn the admins and people on time so the last games were played in a hurry, some on Sunday evening very late and the remaining games on Monday so the shoutcast wasn't so great since people were not aware of these matches being played.
    I met several great opponents. I had my special revenge against mTw-LasH who recently humiliated me in WC3L aT vs mTw match :) Tak3r gave me a hard game really and against ToD also in the first game of the final on turtle.
    About this final, it was really a strange one since it was a Fr vs Fr final but SK is our Rival so I had to put my own feelings aside and do my best. ToD wasn't really calm I think perhaps due to the fact that nobody attended me at this stage of the tourney. You know I lost 1st round in Winnerbracket against DSky`eNvious. ToD and me have a huge background of tourney games and custom+ladder games. There is still something special between us, he is often angry to me during the game when he lost but after we always can speak about it and try to stay adult :p But in the final he wasn't alone at all, he had psychological support from his mates Nuke and FatC who really tried since the beginning to disappoint me, unfortunately the French SK badmanner tactic never worked on me :p
    In my case before the tourney I really thought I could do something nice but this 1st lose to Dsky`eNvious was a big STOP to my wishes :p I was saying me ok it's over I won't go through the LT round against ocr.TaKe cause I thought I wouldn't be able to win a human player on LT. Once I won him I was back confident into the tourney and never stopped thinking I could win it. Today I can say I'm happy thinking back to the way I had to go through the Loserbracket in order to reach the final. Some people followed my games from the very beginning on until the end, I must say I enjoyed that fact.

    How and where do you see yourself in the next months/years?

    This is quite a personal question, and I wish I had the answer myself but this is not the case. I hope I will be able to pursue my semi/pro carrier into inet gaming until my own irl life stops me . I'm already 21 and still don't know what to do with my life even if I'm studying history at university. I think I'll at least keep playing until this summer in wc3 at a high level but after that I can't really say. It would be nice for me to couple my future and inet community but actually I'm not sure whether there are proper possibilities in Europe. I'm really thinking my way of life could change once I meet love again :)

    I picked out some further really great replays of aT-InToX:

    aT-InToX vs. DSky`eNvious

    aT-InToX vs. SK.FaTC

    aT-InToX vs. mTw-Tak3r

    A few minutes ago the Grand Final of the Go4WC3 Invite Tournament was played. aT-InToX was able to defeat SK.ToD in two Best of 3!
    After aT-InToX lost in the first round of the Winnerbracket against DSky`eNvious he reached the Grand Final all the way through the Loserbracket by beating aNc.DeliCato, mTw.Ghostridah, ocr.TaKe, aT-Blatty, mTw-LasH, mTw-Tak3r, SK.FaTC and in the Loserbracket Final DSky`eNvious. While SK.ToD's opponents in the Winnerbracket were Smurphet, mouz|Spell, MYM]Bjarke and DSky`eNvious in the Winnerbracket Final.

    All the replays of the Invite Tournament can be found in our Replay Databse. You shouldn't miss the very exciting games of the Grand Final, find the download links below:

    First Best of 3 Replays:
    Game 1
    Game 2
    Game 3

    Second Best of 3
    Game 1
    Game 2

    The Go4WC3 and WC3L staff congratultes aT-InToX for winning the Go4WC3 Invite Tournament No 8!
    Monday, 08/12/03 22:30 | WC3L
    After a short timeout it’s once again time for an overview. Let’s have a look at the matches of Playday No. 7:

    Schroet Kommando vs. Revolution Sports Gaming @ Sunday 9pm
    Vice champion SK is playing a solid season with four wins and two losses so far. Their opponent, our only American clan rS, still couldn’t manage to decide a match in their favour. Clear as daylight that tremendous 98% tipgamers believe in SK winning this one. We’ll see if this match will really be a sure shot for SK.

    Team sTar vs. armateam @ Saturday 4pm
    Next match is an all French one. sTar showed that they have a lot of potential by beating last season’s champion mTw with 4-1. However they lost their five other matches closely and really need to start winning now. aT shows us a great performance this season, ranking 2nd with five wins so far. Due to this 80% tipgamers foresee a victory for aT.

    Destination Skyline vs. Gamepoint.AMD @ Wednesday 7 pm
    Next in line we have our Finnish friends from DSky. They’re playing a good season with four wins and two losses. Their opponent will be gmpo. 54% think that gmpo will win this clanwar.

    OCRANA.D-Link vs. Advanced Online Losers.MSI @ Thursday
    An all German match will be held between ocr and a-L. Both playing a rather weak season with three and two wins. 57% tipgamers presage a triumph for ocr’s strong soloists. We’ll see if a-L can manage to prove us wrong with their powerful teams.

    pro-gaming.net vs. plan-B [HeadZ] @ Thursday 8pm
    In the fifth game we have German clan pG facing newcomer plan-B. pG plays a rather unspectacular season with two wins and four losses so far. plan-B on the other hand replaces aNc and overtakes their three wins and losses. We’ll see if the Swedish clan can give us an example of their skill and win this match.

    Four Kings vs. mTw @ Wednesday 8pm
    Last but definitely not least is this playday’s topgame between 4K and acting champion mTw. English clan 4K is playing a fabulous season with five wins in six games and heading the clantable. Still, mTw can keep up with them with four wins and two losses. None the less 58% tipgamers say that 4K can win this really promising match.
    Monday, 08/12/03 22:27 | WC3L
    Sad News: The Clan aNc has disbanded.

    At least 4 players from the aNc will join plan-B who nearly got into the qualifications for WC3L two times. Keeping that in mind, it has been decided that plan-B will replace aNc in the WC3L, including the scores that aNc has.

    We therefore welcome plan-B in the WC3L and wish them the best of luck for the rest of the saison.

    » orginal aNc Newspost
    » Clanbase news
    Sunday, 07/12/03 00:14 | WC3L
    Three new WC3L-wars are going to be played today, here are some infos about them:

    1) The big rematch is coming up, winner of season 3 mortalTeamwork will face on sunday evening 5pm the vicechampion Schroet Kommando. They met the last time in the finals of that season 3 where mTw had the upper hand against SK, now let's see if SK has improved a bit.
    Love is in the air... due to the fact that both clans really love each other, we expect a nice and handsome fight tomorow, where a harmonic being-together counts more than a win!
    Anyway, our tippgamers want results and those will come for sure! ;)

    2) A fight at the clantables bottom is Revolution Sports Gaming versus OCRANA.D-Link. While rS is placed on rank #12, the last spot, ocr.D-Link isn't doing that much better at the moment, they are stucked on #11. So this fight will be about who might survive in the league and who not. ocr.D-Link has already won two matches while rS won none, propably because of this fact our tippgamers bet with 63% on ocr.D-Link, we will see if they were right.

    3) The french-german friendship will gets disturbed tomorow, Team sTar meets Advanced Online Losers.MSI. Again both clans have to fight for their survival in WC3L, sTar is ranked #8 in front of a-L on #10. Due to this ranking 61% of our tippgamers said sTar will beat a-L. Anyway, 61% aren't that much and a-L won't give up already...

    As usuall there are going to be shoutcasts available for our english listeners as well as for the german audience. KidArctica from warcraftreplays.com will cast in english and Khaldor will do a german shoutcast. Both streams are provided by gamesports.de. Additionally there will be another german shoutcast online held by Reaper.

    SK vs. mTw sunday 5pm:

    SK.SuRviVoR & SK.pLaGuE vs. mTw.Tak3r & mTw.LasH 2:0
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
    SK.sTOrM & SK.ToD vs. mTw.Ghostridah & mTw.Matzerg 0:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
    SK.ToD vs. mTw.LasH 2:1
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
    SK.SuRviVoR vs. mTw.Ghostridah 2:1
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 Game 3
    SK.FaTC vs. mTw.Tak3r 2:1
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3

    Total score: 4:1

    rS vs. ocr.D-Link sunday 8pm:

    rS.Hyper & rS.leolaporte vs. ocr.D-Link*vOor & ocr.D-Link*justtryit 0:2 (freewin)
    rS.KlasH & rS.Akrobatik vs. ocr.D-Link*Zyrano & ocr.D-Link*Harty 2:1
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
    rS.eTched vs. ocr.D-Link*kain 2:0
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
    rS.Akrobatik vs. ocr.D-Link*kookian 1:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
    rS.Hyper vs. ocr.D-Link*Darkforce 0:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2

    Total score: 2:3

    sTar vs. a-L.MSI sunday 8pm:

    sTar)Psio & sTar)Dk vs. a-L.MSI|Mirai & a-L.MSI|Dan 1:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 3
    sTar)Meddy & sTar)OkaiN vs. a-L.MSI|fl1pst4r & a-L.MSI|11LooSeR1 0:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
    sTar)Psio vs. a-L.MSI|CmdrCD 2:0
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
    sTar)Wolfy vs. a-L.MSI|FatRandy 2:0
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
    sTar)Meddy vs. a-L.MSI|UC 0:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2

    Total score: 2:3
    Saturday, 06/12/03 21:48 | WC3L
    The guys over at cached.net did a interview with Mr. Go4WC3 & WC3L himself, Baschi.
    So in case you always wondered what Baschis favourite hero is be sure to check out the interview at cached.net .

    Baschi & Evilmaus at CPL Copenhagen
    Baschi and Evilmaus at CPL Copenhagen

    Friday, 05/12/03 18:02 | WC3L
    Already for the 8th time the Go4WC3 and WC3L staff is able to present you the Go4WC3 Invite Tournament, featuring 32 players.
    International topplayers will headline the tournament, among them this year's CPL winners MYM]Bjarke, SK.SuRviVoR and aNc.DeliCato along with other well-known and appreciated players.

    **Tournament Mode**

    The tournament will be played with 32 players in the double elimintaion mode. Best of 3 in the winner bracket ans Best of 1 in the loser bracket (loserbracket-final Best of 3)

    » Winnerbracket

    » Loserbracket

    » Grand Final

    **Date and Time**

    The tournament will be played this Saturday December 6th 2003. It will start at 6 pm CET.


    There will be a complete coverage with scores, news and replays at www.warcraft.de. In addition we present you an English shoutcast (ATTENTION! NEW SERVER!) featuring KidArctica and a videostream featuring Khaldor and Shad.


    The grid can be found here.

    **The Players**

  • SK.FaTC
  • SK.Miou
  • SK.SuRviVoR
  • SK.Tarbald
  • SK.ToD
  • SK.Thagor
  • SK.sTOrM
  • [aT]Intox
  • [aT]Blatty
  • 4K.Zeus[19]
  • 4K.Kaj
  • mTw-Tak3r
  • mTw-LasH
  • mTw-Ghostridah
  • aNc.DeliCato
  • aNc.NitemarE
  • aNc.Karma
  • aNc.SjoW
  • gmpo.AMD.DIDI8
  • gmpo.AMD.420
  • gmpo.AMD.BiGeR
  • DSky´Chemi
  • DSky´Creepbom
  • DSky´eNvious
  • MYM]Bjarke
  • Smurphet
  • mouz|Spell
  • mouz|HasuObs
  • e2s.Wandis
  • ocr.TaKe
  • ocr.DarK.FoRcE
  • Orky.Flash

    It might be necessary to do some minor lineup changes cause 1 or 2 players are unsure whether they are able to participate!
  • Thursday, 04/12/03 18:09 | WC3L
    Tonight at 18.30 we will see 2 clanwars of playday 6.

    In the first clanwar gmpo faces 4k. We will see how gmpo will handle the massive change of their lineup in the recent days. It seems that 4k on the other hand is always strong and so 84% of our tipgamers think they will win this one.

    In the second clanwar we will see pG vs aT. pG also had some changes in their lineup, especially the loss of some players to mousesports hurt them. But the remaining team of pG shouldn't be underestimated - even against a strong team like aT.
    Still only 11% of our tipgamers think pG will win.

    KidArctica of warcraftreplays.com is back from Paris and will do an english cast.
    Khaldor of www.gamesports.de will do a german shoutcast.

    gmpo vs 4K thursday 18.30:

    gmpo.GB & gmpo.Kilrogg vs. 4K-Zeus & 4K-LaWn 0:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
    gmpo.DeliCato & gmpo.Sjow vs 4K.Grubby & 4K.kaj 0:2 (forfeit!)
    gmpo.420 vs 4K.Zeus[19] 1:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
    gmpo.Didi8 vs 4K.Grubby 0:2 (forfeit!)
    gmpo.BiGeR vs 4K-kaj 0:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2

    Total Score: 0:5

    aT vs pG thursday 18.30:

    [aT]GeNThO & [aT]Wizard vs HoRRoR[pG] & Twinsen[pG] 0:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
    [aT]Blatty & [aT]hazeem vs Allanon[pG] & BuTTerKeKs[pG] 2:0
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
    [aT]Blatty vs HoRRoR[pG] 1:2
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
    [aT]InToX vs Racor[pG] 2:0
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
    [aT]Deco vs Twinsen[pG] 2:1
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3

    Total Score: 3:2
    Wednesday, 03/12/03 16:26 | WC3L
    This evening we can look foreward to the nordic derby Destination Skyline vs. The aNcients. The teams are currently ranked 6th and 7th in our clan table, with only 1 point diffenrence. Since Chemi has rejoined DSky this clanwar should end up quite close and both teams will have to send their best players into the fight.
    There will be two shoutcasts covering this match for you: KidArctica will present one of the world famous english cast's, and we're also happy to announce that B.tuned-Eclipse will do a german cast for you.

    DSky vs. aNc wednesday 7pm:

    DSky.Magic & DSky.Gorthaur vs. aNc.FEsTis & aNc.LeQua 2:0 (Forfeit!)
    DSky.Ouga & DSky.Puffe vs. aNc.DeliCato & aNc.Sjow 2:0 (Forfeit!)
    DSky.Creepbom vs. aNc.NitemarE 2:1
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
    DSky.Chemi vs. aNc.DeliCato 2:1
    Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
    DSky.eNvious vs. aNc.FEsTis 2:0 (forfeit!)

    Total score: 5:0

    » Statement by aNc.Nitemare

    » Statement by DSky.Gorthaur
    Monday, 01/12/03 16:57 | WC3L
    The WC3L offers a new feature: From now on each player will have his own player profile where we can find some info's about himself, a nice picture and some Warcraft related details. Some of the players have already made an effort and filled in their profile:

  • [aT]Blatty

  • mTw-Tak3r

  • [aT]InToX

  • SK.Mightyx

  • gmpo.AMD.DIDI8

  • 4K.Khaldor

  • SK.NuKe

  • More player cards can be found in the player table. We encourage all WC3L-players to complete their profile by clicking on the Player Admin button in the left navigation bar in order to present a complete directory of player cards for fans to browse. Players will receive their personal password from their team leaders.
    December 2003

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