Season XIV Finals: Player Awards
The WC3L is a teamleague though the individuals should be honored as well at least once in a season. That's why we have the vote for Most Valuable Player (MVP), Most Improved Player (MIP) and Rookie of the Season. You, the fans and visitors will control the fate of the awards (or at least 1/3 of it)! Read more for full details.
Just like last season, the breakdown of how the votes will work is as follows:
  • 1/3 Community Polls
  • 1/3 WC3L Team Managers
  • 1/3 WC3L Admins

The vote will be open until the 31th of December 2008 23:59CET, so make sure to support your favourite players!

And now, on to the nominees:

Most Valuable Player: (MVP)
Most Improved Player: (MIP)
    FoCuS (fnaticMSI.wc3)
    Like (World Elite Pepsi)
    FoV (mTw.AMD)
    Shy (fnatic.MSI)
    suhO (World Elite Pepsi)

Rookie of the Season:

The Polls for all categories:Happy voting, and good luck to all players!
HappY, Monday, 15/12/08 13:52
comments (39)
"Happy voting"... nice pun!

and #1 btw
btw fov is not chinese
Thanks, fixed : )
wtf fov mip but not minhyuk? oO
best of luck all :)!
MVP: Focus or Ted, but Focus did much better in 2on2

MIP: Like

Rookie of the Season: HLA or Ghost, hard to decide
speak the same language with 7#.
MVP & MIP: Focus
Rookie: HLA or Ghost

(resolver and violet played only a few matches)
TeD, Like, HLA.
Rookie: HLA
MVP - Focus
MIP - suhO
Rookie - no idea, haven't seen any great rookies this season
Axslav Rookie of the season LOL? freakin 64th out of 65 players lol
Rookie = HLA 100% for sure not Axslav!
Why isn't elfi nominated for rookie? isn't this his first season?
He should deserve it imo, he's ranked top10 on his first season.

Anyway, My Votes:
MVP: FoCuS (he has insane stats this season)
MIP: Like (last season he was ranked 61 and now he's ranked 7)
Rookie: HLA (15-11 solo stats and decent 2v2, i think he deserves it)
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#15 elfi already played in wc3l season 11 i think, he would suit perfect in MIP section, however to get any recognition of the wc3l you must be Asian.
#16 you're right, he played on season 11, my bad.
FoV MIP? I think he has been seeing better times already (though he is not bad ofc)..
MVP : Shy
MIP : Shy
no grubby?
#18 Last season FoV performed quite bad while on this one he performed much better, which means he improved over the last few months. that's why he's there.
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HOT & Ghost
Ted, Like and HLA (obviously!)

HLA have my babies!
MVP -> Focus
MIP -> Like
RotS -> HLA (!)

btw: Most improved Player FoV ?? That FoV that was the Worlds best Undeads a few years ago and who has been only a shade of himself since then?
Lets be honest ROTS is gonna be dead next season, mby even MIP also
I agree with Nebukadnezzar except I still think WHo was the MVP this season.
#25 Maybe they'll make a new award instead, DotS - Disappointment of the season.
MVP- Hot
MIP- fov
rookie: HLA
voted for axslav. 7 times.
Lloth is just a stupid person, who sucks in his brain omg..
MVP: FoCus
MIP: Like
Best rookie: HLA
MVP: Focus
MIP: Focus
Rookie: Ghost
Rookier: axslav!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Who, Fov, HLA
Im surprised not to see both Happy and Grubby in any of these groups.
axslav ftw
MVP: Hot , MIP: Focus , Rookie : Ghost admins notice my vote plz , coz i lost my e-mail adress .
MIP: Like
Rookie: HLA
Who, Like, HLA.
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