WC3L Season XV Match Mode
As one of the first changes for Season XV we recently announced a new map for the qualification... Well, we are not done with announcements yet. Next up is a complete re-work of our match mode - click on more to find out what it is all about!
For the second time ever, after seven seasons of operating with the current match mode, we are now announcing a new format again. This time it is not about the 2on2s - this time we will be changing the solo seeding system.

The easiest way to explain the changes is by depicting them. The following chart should speak for itself:
Tennis aficionados might find this setup familiar. For those of you who are not that much into tennis: This is the Davis Cup system.

Each clan must appoint two solo players per clanwar who will play four 1on1-matches:
  1. As in tennis, the first seeded player will play against the second seeded player in the beginning.
  2. Afterwards the 2on2 will be played with two members of each team (either solo players or a different 2on2 team).
  3. Finally, No. 1 seeds of both teams will be playing against each other, just like both No. 2 seeds.

To maintain the traditional seeding aspect of the WC3L the first map of every Best-of-Three match will be predetermined randomly.

WC3L Supervisor Sebastian "Baschi" Weishaar explains this step like this:

Today we are celebrating the WC3L's 6th birthday making the WC3L one of the longest running and oldest esports leagues in the world. During the last 6 years the WC3L has undergone a lot of changes, some being small in nature like the addition of new maps and some being bigger in nature like the removal of the second 2v2 match in season VIII. We have always made these changes based on what we thought was necessary to maintain the WC3L's status and reputation and based on what we thought was the best for the fans and the Warcraft 3 community.

We will be making yet another of these changes today, this one probably being one of the biggest if not the biggest change so far, and it is my belief that this change is the best possible approach to ensure the continued participation of all the top teams and players on the one hand and to preserve the general concept of the WC3L as a team league on the other hand.

Please note that these changes will not affect the WC3L Season XV Qualification or Season XIV Playoffs - changes will only apply from the beginning of the 15th regular season on.

The staff would also like to take the freedom to announce the 6th birthday of the WC3L today! We would like to thank all the WC3L's passionate fans, the spectators (at the WC3L's offline events and on TV), all teams and of course all WC3L admins past and present for making the league what it is now. It has been a great six years and while it probably sounds a bit dramatic, the WC3L will always have a place in our hearts!

We will present more info in the next couple of days - so stay tuned.
Jupe, Friday, 12/12/08 18:00
Season XV Qualification: New Mappool
WC3L Season VIII Match Mode
comments (101)
lol :o
grubby+moon gg.
Afterwards the 2on2 will be played with two members of each team (either solo players or a different 2on2 team).

so its not possible to use 1 from the solo players and one who hasnt played solo?
it is possible
the current system is better then the new one.
But the new one wont kill wc3 so fast.
less player in clans needed -> clans need to invest less in player -> more clans
prizemoney for 2-4 players >> prizemoney for 4-6 players.

I think its the right step.
This is huge news, indeed. I hope it works well. Lowers the excitement a bit but I guess it was inevitable :(
old system>new system

'End of WC3 teams' :/
nice idea :)
not really a "clan" league anymore :'(
Heavy changes - will see how it turns out.

<insert random statements of dissatisfaction here>
Such crap, nice thing about wc3l was that managers had to make strategic choices for a match and that a teams lineup is crucial for the victory. Also the big amount of players was nice to see. Now we will see the same players play over and over and over and over ><
Disaster... with this match mode, we won't see any new faces any more. What a team need are just two super stars.

And probably, there will be less europeans shown in the league.

And by the way, one question, BO3 or BO1 for each match? wanna see more games
Now team = 2 or 3 players...
And we can see what will happened to SK's & MYM's rosters.
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The list of the teams of WC3L XVI:

SK-1 SK-2 MYM-1 MYM-2 WE-1 WE-2 WE-3 FNATIC-1 FNATIC-2......
Good idea, may be less teams will fall down.
I understand economical reasons but this is pretty sad.
I agree with #15. The reasoning behind this is just, but the actual system doesn't sound like its going to be very fun to watch, or even play for that matter.

Nevertheless, i'm sure WC3L has made a good choice and I support trying something totally new for at least one season. I just hope that if it doesn't work out, they don't try it again.
Before judging about the system keep in mind, that less then half of the current WC3L teams would have been able to play in the old system next season, even though most of this might not have been announced.
I like it!
well baschi iam sure you guys have more insider news, but iwould like to know one thing, what are you guys aiming for? to keep "clan names" or to have a attractive league? wasnt it possible for you push the prizemoney?

iam pretty sure that this step makes the wc3l totaly boring... hope for you that iam wrong...
i disagree with #16.

old systems: 5 matches with maybe 1 or 2 highlights
new system: best 2 players from every clan play vs each other --> 4 highlights, maybe 5 with 2on2

but i think we wont see that much new faces which is very sad imo
what decicides if someone is seeded first or second? Can the clans choose themselves who they want as seed 1 and 2?
wow you invented a totally new system that has never been seen before ;-)) (ok at least u admit that its the davis cup system)

omg, now some clans could split up and form 2 teams that could compete in wc3l, like mym or we...

ofc its bad for the audience because we will see less different players, less different strengths and weaknesses and less different stategies...

well im sure there was a lot of pressure by the clans and better wc3l surviving with a worse mode than wc3l disappearing...

but no one can tell this new mode would be an improvement in any way, its a necessary evil i guess
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interesting system for sure, hard to say yet if it will be a good thing or we will see too much of the same.

i still think this decision was made too quickly though. just because a select few teams fell into some trouble financially doesnt mean the rest of the teams are struggling.

with #13 i hope there is a rule put in place to the max number of teams a certain organization can have because that seems like a very real possibility.
#19 changing the prizemoney would not have made a significant change, it is mostly the enourmous growth of salaries that forces teams to cut down their roster.

#21 yes

#23 no worries
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#13 #23 Don't think so, after all this change was made because most of those teams would stay with 1/2 players ;s
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Disregarding whether or not it was necessary:
Don't like it at all.
#23 go and get Violet back from SK pls~
agree with Henl
well would the wc3l die if clans like sk leave?
i dont think so... somehow i think this desition is for those clans who told you that they would leave if you dont change the system for them...
what about postpones in this system? 1 player didnt come and 2 or 3 matches cant be played -.-
ô.Ô what the ... :c
#29 surely WC3L is not depending on individual teams, but if more then half of the teams are moving in the same direction, it is something that would be stupid to ignore, if we want to keep our standarts of featuring only the best players and teams in the world.

#30 rule updates will follow in time for the new season
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#30 yeah and the order of how the match day is operating might not work, if one of the 1st seed player has host problems. Then we will begin with 2v2 or another solo,right?
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Good stuff guys, should be interesting. Will probably see the splitting of some pro teams into several new teams, but it is true that this game is dying a little bit and some pro teams will not want to pay for 4+ professional players.

Amateur teams on the other hand :P will not have problems with this, so I feel WCIP is safe from this issue.
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Ehm... I suppose the interest to WC3L was just divided by two...
#35 where do you find so many sponsors?
A sad decision :DDDDDDDDDD
It will speed up the death of Wc3l
Imo it would have been better to continue playing like before ( 4 SOLO maps and the 2:2 ), and teams who prefered to just use 2 players could use the same player in 2 maps, while teams who prefered using diferent players would still be able to ^^.

Anyways, I think it's too soon to say whether it's a good system or not :)
I agree with #38, it would have been nice to allow teams to use up to 4 players in solo or minimum of 2.
#39 oh,how can you agree with the person who eliminate you from the winner bracket!
Did I say anything about uselessness of this decision? Did I say that it was unnecessary?
I'm talking about interest to the game. Its not intresting to see the same players every cw (ugh, I shouldnt use this word - two players are not the clan, so it is no longer "clan" war), thats all.
Maybe now the season should have more teams!
#41 okay,my misunderstanding about "to"~
Hmmz so this all started when MYM was paying their players a fortune and the others had to follow to keep players, resulting in to many costs and destroying wc3 teamleagues. THNX
#44 better blame the Wall Street!
I think the system itself isn't bad, would be an appreciated alternative if this were a new league (for mini teams). But when WC3L - THE league for teams - does this changes, it appears to be a punch in the face to all the organisations who have been doing a great job by supporting a whole team (fnatic, WE, MYM, SK). Now an organisation like mTw is even rewarded for their plump policy (obtain a superstar team, wanting to directly win all tournaments and dismiss the team when they failed with winning WC3L at their first try, but keep holding the best player).. -__-
So basically WC3L got on their knees to please some orgas into staying in their league?

WC3L spots belong to the players not the organization... it's why prae is here and not nGize when they kicked all their players except LiiLD.C. So why is WC3L catering to the organizations when they should be catering to the players/viewers of their league? Players will now be kicked from all teams and you will bore your viewers to death. The only one that wins is the orga... WC3L used to be perhaps the most interesting event in all of WC3 and now... we will probably see NE/Orc every clan-war, at least 2 mirrors every clan-war maybe ALL mirrors... IF you are trying to save WC3 team-leagues well then no comment.

It's not like those players once kicked will not be able to in your league anymore... You honestly think Check, WinnerS, or FoV won't eventually be picked up by a WC3L level team? Eventually their demand for salaries will fall and everything will stabilize... right now you are just panicing in reaction to a short term problem that will probably now never work itself out because this change will kill team-leagues forever.
Season XIV finals will feature the last interesting clan-war in WC3...
GJ wc3l.
We cant say if its good or bad now, the time will say... I think it can be a good system and more funny :)
It's the recession people, money is getting tight, after the economy bounces back and warcraft 4 is released, I'm sure the old style will return.
i agree with lucifron

this system was once used in ENC i think and it "worked" (NL was grubby/rotterdam, but hey they just were the best)

this system sucks for teams who were able to keep a team together
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