King of the Hill #32: FoCuS vs. SaSe
On Tuesday, the 9th of December at 18:00 CET, everyone's favorite King of the Hill returns, as we have a new challenge for the current King. The Sentinel forces, led by SaSe, will try to dethrone the Orcish Chieftain, FoCuS, from the top and try to bring back the glory, title and everything in between back to Europe!

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fnatic.FoCuS [2:3] aTTaX.SaSe

First map:
Death Trap
Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3 - Game 4 - Game 5

The King is dead! Long live King SaSe!

On the one hand FoCuS, the titleholder, is on an impressive winning streak of 3:0.
He is not only ranked first in the past ESL WC3L Series Season XIV players ranking, but also finished the regular season with an outstanding first place with his Team fnatic.
On the other hand we have SaSe, who has been performing impressively in solo leagues across the world with a strong finish at CEG and many more. The Swedish player seems to be reaping the rewards of living in China for many months. While in the regular WC3L season he fell short on a few occassions, he will certainly be a strong contender for FoCuS's title. SaSe can perform brilliantly against most races and if happens to be his day, there's no way of stopping this elf.

fnatic.FoCuS looks forward to the match:
"Hey fans! I am back for KOTH action. Today my opponent is SaSe, he is strong elf player from Europe and he has practice many months in China. SaSe has played good in last few tournaments and some people are think my style is not so strong vs Elf. But today I will do my best, after WCG I took a rest and I am thinking of Warcraft 3 all the time now. I beat SaSe in Zotac Cup 2 weeks back and today I will do my best to win and continue to be King!"

aTTaX.SaSe on the other hand seems optimistic as well:
"So finally my turn to play KoTH. It's nice that it is vs focus since I lost to him last zotac final I played. This time I would like my revenge. I got IEF coming up so I have to think about this first but I will also prepare for this game! gl focus!"

We were also able to catch up mTw.Hanf for a brief statement:
"lol sase play?"

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HappY, Tuesday, 09/12/08 10:30
comments (30)
Sase ftw~
lol@hanfs comment

gl hf!
go hanf!
hanf :D...i can remember that statemant of sase^^
hanf xDDD
hanf wins...
FoCuS Fighting !!!
yeah i remember too
but sase will do much better against focus than hanf
guess i should reinstall wc3 then :)
I hope Sase plays smarter this time. In the ZOTAC finals he kinda gave his games away :/
go SaSe!!!
bo3 or bo5 ?
sase will win
or 3:0
ne vs orc is boring x 100....shoulda picked a hu or ud
hahahaha hanfs statement is awesome
lol hanf still exists?
hnf is THE_KING
hanf is noob,focus raped him.the 3rd game focus gave him win because he pitied him (he teched to t3 and played just grunts xD) gg hanf no re!

SASE !!!!
Really cool 1st map imo! :D
lol hanf cmt lol lol :>
2-0 for sase :/
Man, it's a shame how FoCuS loses this pathetic (game 2). He has advantage and decides not to fight, but for this kind of perversion of WC3 and lets SaSe (with a even bigger kind of perversion, farmhiding in a pro game lol) get away with this crap... -_________-
Go FoCuS 3-2 !!!
lol 2-2 haha
SV game kindof must see .. not only the ending ... funny 3unit surround too
yeah sase played great espacially on SV
he surrounded a grunt with beastM, DH and quilbeast
#28 actually it was the BM
a bm is just an upgraded grunt ;]
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