Playday 11: 4K vs. pG
The ESL WC3L Series goes into the eleventh and last Playday and has therefore the perhaps most interesting and thrilling week in store for you. How fitting that no other than the current champions from Four Kings will ring the bell for this final round as they encounter proGaming on Saturday at 19:30 CET.

4K vs. pG, Saturday 7.30pm

4K.Zeus19 & 4K.Myth vs. FiSheYe[pG] & vanHunt[pG] 2:0
Replays: Game 1 - Game 2
4K.FuRy & 4K.LaWn vs. Careless[pG] & ShoCK_us[pG] 2:1
Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
4K.FuRy vs. ShoCK[pG] 2:1
Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
4K.Grubby vs. Hunter[pG] 2:1
Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3
4K.Zeus19 vs. CareLess[pG] 1:2
Replays: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3

Total score: 4:1
4K today plays for the top rank on the clantable. Grubby, Zeus and their allies already claimed the first spot after winning over mTw but can still lose it to SK.int if they get defeated today while SK.int wins the match against IeS. If both teams end up with even points 4K will finish second because SK.int won their deciding match.
pG on the other hand can abandon all hope and make up their plans for the upcoming qualification tournament. Of course their lately very well performing players ShoCK and Aether will try to score at least some points for their team so they can get a good seed in the qualification grid. And of course they will want to show us that the team that lost nearly all games in the beginning of this season has now grown up to one of the best teams in the world that does not fear any current champion.

Shawn, Saturday, 29/05/04 03:23
WC3L Season 5
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