Season XVI Finals: MYM vs. WMF
Ladies and gentlemen, the WC3L Season XVI Finals are here! The first match of the weekend will be the winner bracket final between Ex-MYM.WC3 and WeMadeFOX.Warcraft3 on Saturday at 14:00 CET. While the winner of the match will qualify for the Grand Final tomorrow the loser will go to the Consolation Final and meet Serious.Razer there later today.

MeetYourMakers.WC3 vs. WeMadeFOX.Warcraft3, Saturday 2:00pm CET

MYM.LucifroN7 vs. WMF.SocceR 1:1
Replays: Secret Valley - Melting Valley
MYM.ReMinD vs. WMF.Lyn 0:2
Replays: Turtle Rock - Amazonia
MYM.LucifroN7 & MYM.ReMinD vs. WMF.Moon & WMF.SocceR 2:0
Replays: Gnoll Wood - Turtle Rock
ACE-Match: MYM.ReMinD vs. WMF.SocceR 0:1
Replays: Echo Isles

Total score: 3:4
- Waaagh!TV and GGTV will be available.
- Additionally ESL Radio will bring you a German livestream for all games.
- ESL Radio also prepared a great preview for the event in German. You can find it on their website.
Shawn, Saturday, 13/03/10 13:10
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OOO only orc and nelfs TT
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