How to take screenshots?

Many games have an already built-in screenshot function. Please search elsewhere for information on these functions, as it would go beyond the scope of this page to list them all here.

You may alternatively take screenshots with an extra program, that must be kept active in the background. This has the advantage that the screenshots can automatically be saved as .jpg files.
There is a large amount of different programmes available. We can recommend the following two:

HyperSnap - This could be called the "reference" of all screenshot programmes. Takes screenshots of every game, no matter if DirectX, OpenGl or other. The shareware version's only limitation is a watermark. This means that there is a HyperSnap reference in the upper left hand corner. This is, however, irrelevant to us.

ScreenPrint Gold - Also a very nice little program. It's freeware and can easily keep up with HyperSnap. Very nice and easy handling.

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