Autumn Cup! The podium!
The Autumn Cup has ended! Get ready for the next cup! Congratulations to the winner!

Final 1°/2°

A final fought between Cechi and Nick , with exciting battles. Both players deserved the first place, but unfortunately there is only one first place and was awarded to the winner Cechi by 2 to 1!

Friday, 04/11/11 23:00
Status: closed

  Cechi (#1) [2:1]  Nick (#2)

Final 3°/4°

The match for third / fourth place was fought between two players of similar level. Congratulations to both of them but on the podium in third place, only one salt: W3P.LuLu

Friday, 04/11/11 23:00
Status: closed

  Lag (#4) [1:2]  W3P.LuLu (#3)

The podium

Autumn CUP

The awards

Awards Autumn Cup

   Cechi1 ESL Premium Account for 2 Months
   Nick 1 ESL Premium Account for 1 Month

And also:

Special Award

Your Warcraft 3 Admin Team

Andre // Techpriest // MuehiliMan
Andre, Sunday, 06/11/11 11:36
WC3 1on1 Autumn Cup 2011
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Cechi and Nick, open a ticket http://www.esl.eu/eu/wc3/1on1/autumn_cup/support/ to request your premium account

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Congratulations to the winners and perfect organization of the staff of warcraft 3
I did, I hope u will answer...
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