** Christmas Cup ** - The Podium!
Thanks to all the players have participated in this cup! The staff wishes you a happy Christmas!
This cup was the proof that Warcraft 3 will never die! It is one of the best games, still today, even though it is 2003!
For the new year, the staff plans to open a new league for the teams! If you are a sufficient number of teams, prizes and special items will be back!!

Final 1°/2°

A final fought between Nick and CoNteMpT , was won by CoNteMpT for 2 to 0!
I recommend everyone to download the replay because it was 2 matches exciting!
Congratulation and Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, 20/12/11 23:00
Status: closed

  CoNteMpT (#1) [2:0]  Nick (#2)

Final 3°/4°

The match for third / fourth place was fought between two players of similar level. Congratulations to both of them but on the podium in the third place, only one salt: Federal

Tuesday, 20/12/11 23:00
Status: closed

  Federal (#3) [2:1]  neksy (#4)

The podium

**Christmas CUP**

Your Warcraft 3 Admin Team

Andre // Techpriest // MuehiliMan
Andre, Sunday, 25/12/11 22:11
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