Update requirements and rules!
Your Warcraft3 team decided to change some rules for all ladders about GameAccounts and default server.


Old GameAccount required : BattleNet(EU)

New GameAccount required : GARENA/GCC(WC3/Dota)

Old default server : Battlenet

New default server : GARENA
If doesn't work Garena, the secondary server is: ESL Wire

Garena and ESL Wire are different programs/servers with much less lag than BatteNet.

Download and install GARENA

Here are 4 simple steps to install Garena:
1. Click here to download the Garena Client
2. Install Garena
3. Create new account
4. Login

Download and install ESL Wire

1. Click here and click on "Download ESL Wire with Anti-Cheat (32bit / 64bit)"
2. Accept the privacy term and click on "Download ESL Wire"
3. Install ESL Wire
4. Login


If you have problems or questions, open a ticket


Warcraft 3 Admin Team

Andre // Techpriest // MuehiliMan

Andre, Wednesday, 09/11/11 17:41
ESL Wire
Garena Client
comments (3)
good job!
Gj ;) Now just change mappool cuz GW and LT is playing nowhere
Yes. You should really remove GW and LT from the mappool.
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