aRirang vs. ieS Virtual Gaming
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 ieS Virtual Gaming
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MatchID 13793483
Date Monday, 03/08/09 14:00
Calculated 09/08/09 16:11
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1on1:  Twisted Meadows, Secret Valley, Echo Isles
Yange 1 : 2 Satiini
1on1:  Melting Valley, Terenas Stand, Echo Isles
Meredith 1 : 2 SilverEyedClare
1on1:  Centaur Grove, Terenas Stand
Townhall 0 : 2 WinNers
1on1:  Ancient Isle, Twisted Meadows, Secret Valley
Atropos 1 : 2 ReprisaL
2on2:  Twisted Meadows, Avalanche, Gnoll Wood
Meredith, Townhall 1 : 2 SilverEyedClare, TaloN
ieS Virtual Gaming wins !
aRi 0 : 5 ieS
Points 0 : +5
09/08/09 15:38
Atropos vs. ReprisaL Game1*
233 kB, 09/08/09 15:38, by Musi86 (ieS)
09/08/09 15:39
Atropos vs. ReprisaL Game2*
147 kB, 09/08/09 15:39, by Musi86 (ieS)
09/08/09 15:39
Atropos vs. ReprisaL Game3*
143 kB, 09/08/09 15:39, by Musi86 (ieS)
03/08/09 14:19
Meredith vs. SilverEyedClare Game1*
109 kB, 03/08/09 14:19, by SkYG (ieS)
03/08/09 14:47
Meredith vs. SilverEyedClare Game2*
93 kB, 03/08/09 14:47, by SkYG (ieS)
03/08/09 15:02
Meredith vs. SilverEyedClare Game3*
103 kB, 03/08/09 15:02, by SkYG (ieS)
03/08/09 16:49
Meredith/Townhall vs. SilverEyedClare/TaloN Game1*
119 kB, 03/08/09 16:49, by D4nny
03/08/09 16:50
Meredith/Townhall vs. SilverEyedClare/TaloN Game2*
135 kB, 03/08/09 16:50, by SkYG (ieS)
03/08/09 16:49
Meredith/Townhall vs. SilverEyedClare/TaloN Game2*
135 kB, 03/08/09 16:49, by D4nny
03/08/09 16:46
Meredith/Townhall vs. SilverEyedClare/TaloN Game3*
151 kB, 03/08/09 16:46, by D4nny
03/08/09 16:53
Townhall vs. WinNers Game1*
91 kB, 03/08/09 16:53, by SkYG (ieS)
03/08/09 16:53
Townhall vs. WinNers Game2*
81 kB, 03/08/09 16:53, by SkYG (ieS)
03/08/09 15:03
Townhall vs. WinNers Game2*
83 kB, 03/08/09 15:03, by sOOnMaNiAc (aRi)
03/08/09 14:50
Yange vs. Satiini Game1*
209 kB, 03/08/09 14:50, by sOOnMaNiAc (aRi)
03/08/09 16:36
Yange vs. Satiini Game3*
281 kB, 03/08/09 16:36, by Scathing (ieS)
03/08/09 16:35
Yange vs. Satiini Game3*
281 kB, 03/08/09 16:35, by SkYG (ieS)
* No longer available





ieS Virtual Gaming






03/08/09 16:52
-Update Information
Ancient Isles is mutual postpone.

aRirang subs in Meredith for Wook on 2on2
ieS Virtual gaming subs in TaloN vs Satiini on 2on2
ieS Virtual Gaming
30/07/09 16:47
Our last match will be against Ari.
They are last place in the league, which means they're not able to quailify for the next WCIP season.
We're sure they'll want to show one last great performance, but we're confident that we'll get all points here.

Since we played really bad this season, this war will just be for beauty-points makeup.

GL to Maniac and his koreans.

Looking forward to the next qualifier,

29/07/09 13:26
Statement by Team aRirang
On Friday we are going to play our last clanwar in the WCIP season. This could be really hard because our enemy´s from ieS are a great team which is actually not playing good. But we know that they have great players like; Winners, Reprisal and Rob.
i hope we can show the observers nice games!
let the games begin!!!!!

comments (27)
30, 31 - 15:00 or 16:00 CET
1, 2 - 15:00, 16:00, 17:00
lol guys, why you cant answer on MSN, cant answer here ?
cuz you dont wrote to me in msn...
lets do it 31 14:00 cet kk?
I wrote HaN, he did not answer me the whole week
lulz why only we got pp? fair ^^
watch out in our ESL profile !
im the Orga for the wcip you need to contact me
so are you guys gonna keep playing around or are you guys actual gonna schedule something here?
D4Nny you crazy?
I SAY: "kk"
kk = okok = confirm
danny wtf ?
i was scheduling the date ies only needs to accept
i dont understand why we have pp´s srsly
so is this gonna get confirmed on friday 14cet???

btw sky, maniac is the orga for this league =/
penalty point will be removed, next time actually confirm a match time "kk = okok = confirm" I don't know how you got that equation.. look at the post right above that. It looks like you are saying "kk" to the fact that soonmaniac is the organizer for WCIP. Clarify better next time.
what you think about rescheduled this match on sunday or next week.
Or need prepone 1 game or matual postponed
i thought friday is a good time oO?
Ok nice
Monday 14:00 CET
gl habit :P <3

edit: yes we confrim monday 14:00 CET
1 edits
I wish both Teams good luck and a nice clanwar ...
Give us a last present ... and show us YOUR skills ;)
ggl hf
TaloN barred is ok?
Ancient Isle is mutual postponed
and yes, we confirm talon !
we want to set TaloN in 2v2 for Satiini
and we want to set meredith fort Wook in 2v2
we accept ieS offer
we agree
Atropos : ReprisaL sunday 14:00 CET
ggs, thx for cw guys.
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