Teamedit.. vs. aRirang
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MatchID 13793446
Date Sunday, 21/06/09 12:00
Calculated 24/06/09 16:49
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1on1:  Secret Valley, Twisted Meadows, Echo Isles
ReiGn 2 : 1 Yange
1on1:  Terenas Stand, Turtle Rock
Effect 2 : 0 ShAKiEL
1on1:  Echo Isles, Turtle Rock
S.o.K.o.L 2 : 0 Practice
1on1:  Turtle Rock, Twisted Meadows, Centaur Grove
eXeslY 1 : 2 Hyo
2on2:  Twisted Meadows, Turtle Rock, Avalanche
Effect, S.o.K.o.L 2 : 1 Feeling, Wook
Teamedit.. wins !
. 4 : 1 aRi
Points +4 : +1
21/06/09 13:42
Effect vs. ShAKiEL Game1*
308 kB, 21/06/09 13:42, by HaN (aRi)
21/06/09 14:00
Effect vs. ShAKiEL Game2*
111 kB, 21/06/09 14:00, by HaN (aRi)
21/06/09 14:22
Effect/S.o.K.o.L vs. Feeling/Wook Game1*
191 kB, 21/06/09 14:22, by HaN (aRi)
21/06/09 14:52
Effect/S.o.K.o.L vs. Feeling/Wook Game2*
240 kB, 21/06/09 14:52, by HaN (aRi)
21/06/09 15:20
Effect/S.o.K.o.L vs. Feeling/Wook Game3*
235 kB, 21/06/09 15:20, by HaN (aRi)
20/06/09 15:39
Hyo vs. Exesly Game 2*
116 kB, 20/06/09 15:39, by sOOnMaNiAc (aRi)
20/06/09 15:56
Hyo vs. Exesly Game 3*
108 kB, 20/06/09 15:56, by sOOnMaNiAc (aRi)
20/06/09 15:07
Hyo vs. Exesly game 1*
204 kB, 20/06/09 15:07, by sOOnMaNiAc (aRi)
24/06/09 14:43
ReiGn vs. Yange Game1*
78 kB, 24/06/09 14:43, by sOOnMaNiAc (aRi)
24/06/09 14:43
ReiGn vs. Yange Game2*
57 kB, 24/06/09 14:43, by sOOnMaNiAc (aRi)
24/06/09 14:44
ReiGn vs. Yange Game3*
86 kB, 24/06/09 14:44, by sOOnMaNiAc (aRi)
21/06/09 12:41
S.o.K.o.L vs. Practice Game1*
111 kB, 21/06/09 12:41, by HaN (aRi)
21/06/09 12:59
S.o.K.o.L vs. Practice Game2*
141 kB, 21/06/09 12:59, by HaN (aRi)
* No longer available
21/06/09 00:40
Let's get this party started!
Alright! So far we've been through terrific qualifier, then we shamefully disappointed everyone by having a 0-4 record now. Today it will all change. Our players has been working to there fullest giving there all and now we will show the world what we are capable of. By making it in to WCIP Play-offs, but we have to get through n! first ;). n! is a very strong and excellent German Organization with a superb WC3 Squad, but we've been through similar situation, especially with our recent loss against nGize in NGL 2-3, we want to make sure we win this one. Today is where we start our path to victory and never to turn back to the shameful path, gl hf n!

- Sung Hyun "HaN" Park
20/06/09 11:39
after watching Terminator 4 i myself and my clanmates are motivated enough to fight against robots until the Judgmend Day comes. Maybe Skynet will win the fight, but it will never win the war. War? Ye, clanwar against aRi is coming soon and we are looking forward to continue our winstreak in this league. With Effect, Reign and Exesly we have 3 strong players to do this!
I hope everybody will have a good time watching us play and win!
I'm really sorry for my bad english, i will improve it asap.
Hasta la vista, baby.
The whole thing goes, the future's not set.
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glgl contact me asap on msn please


we suggest saturday the 20th 14cet
We're not able to play that weekend
wednesday, 24th of june, 14.00 cet
1 or 2 match prepone saturday 20th 14cet

3-4 match on sunday 21st 12cet <- the real war
yep confirmed

maps will be added in some hours
maps??? x.x
maps are up oO
MmMmAaAaAaPpPpPpPsSsSsSs~~ plz :D
so heyho!

TR will be played on Saturday if its possible! (14 CET)

Rest on Sunday.
im goint to try to confirm it today
Hyo vs. Exesly on TR 2-1
we wildcard SV, Reign vs Yange
and where is match?
yange vs reign

wednesday 14cet ARI CONFIRMS
yep its possible SV will be played on wednesday 14 cet!
ok thx n!
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