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 ieS Virtual Gaming
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MatchID 13793435
Date Friday, 05/06/09 17:00
Calculated 11/06/09 20:30
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1on1:  Melting Valley, Secret Valley<tba>
VeryB1gman 2 : 0 FrizzeR
1on1:  Twisted Meadows, Ancient Isles<tba>
Sting 2 : 0 TaloN
1on1:  Death Trap, Ancient Isles, Twisted Meadows
Revolver 1 : 2 Rob
1on1:  Centaur Grove, Melting Valley<tba>
nicker 2 : 0 Slayer
2on2:  Turtle Rock, Gnoll Wood<tba>
Sting, nicker 2 : 0 Rob, FrizzeR
Searching Organization wins !
ur welcome 4 : 1 ieS
Points +4 : +1
05/06/09 19:22
Revolver vs. Rob Game1*
218 kB, 05/06/09 19:22, by SkYG (ieS)
05/06/09 19:49
Revolver vs. Rob Game3*
80 kB, 05/06/09 19:49, by Slayer (ieS)
09/06/09 14:06
Sting vs. TaloN Game1*
84 kB, 09/06/09 14:06, by 123 (ur welcome)
09/06/09 14:27
Sting vs. TaloN Game2*
115 kB, 09/06/09 14:27, by 123 (ur welcome)
11/06/09 20:09
Sting/nicker vs. Rob/FrizzeR Game1*
348 kB, 11/06/09 20:09, by 123 (ur welcome)
11/06/09 20:29
Sting/nicker vs. Rob/FrizzeR Game2*
152 kB, 11/06/09 20:29, by 123 (ur welcome)
05/06/09 21:04
VeryB1gman vs. FrizzeR Game1*
146 kB, 05/06/09 21:04, by LegolaS (ur welcome)
05/06/09 21:04
VeryB1gman vs. FrizzeR Game2*
121 kB, 05/06/09 21:04, by LegolaS (ur welcome)
05/06/09 17:32
nicker vs. Slayer Game1*
250 kB, 05/06/09 17:32, by LegolaS (ur welcome)
05/06/09 18:00
nicker vs. Slayer Game2*
161 kB, 05/06/09 18:00, by LegolaS (ur welcome)
* No longer available
 Name Ratio Summe Diff
     Wins Losses   
 1.  nicker   5.00 4 0 +4
 2.  Stingg   5.00 4 0 +4
 3.  VeryB1gman   3.00 2 0 +2
 4.  Rob   0.67 2 3 -1
 5.  Revolver   0.50 1 2 -1
 6.  Slayer   0.00 0 2 -2
 7.  RewinD   0.00 0 2 -2
 8.  FrizzeR   0.00 0 4 -4
ieS Virtual Gaming
04/06/09 13:57
This friday we will meet Team Bin-Game.

It will be one of the hardest playdays we have to solve this season.

First thing is their really tough rouster, with the great orc player Sting on their head, who was showing great performances in the last WC3L season and NGL Solo League.

Second thing making this playday even worse for us is that we can&#039;t use our First Linup. Bin-Game don&#039;t like our new players so we have to improvise.

Our mission for friday is to earn as much points as possible. But after that we try to improve our situation in the table, to reach one of the playoff places in the end.

Good Luck

ieS fighting!
Searching Organization
04/06/09 00:25
Statement by Bin-Game
Something going on with us at this league. We started pretty bad and unexpected for our self so, we're still confidient and working hard to improve our performance as well. Lets start to grab much points as we can! Bin-game SUIT UP!
Good Luck and Have Fun!

comments (38)
June, 5 17-00 CET
1 edits
are we allowed to use joinbared players?
scary chicks :D
Right decision, bin game. gl Sting and Nicker.
hidden fear:-D
lets stop it guys, everyone understand that after theirs loses to teams like "iG" etc they need points... gl hf bin-game
1 edits
wtf stranger? no gl for me? :(((
1 edits
lets stop it guys, everyone understands that after rat using of winners in cw vs SLAP u can do something like that again... gl hf ieS
guess ig had to get some flame from slayer in the middle of nowhere as well!
They're trying to upbraid us aswell, b/c they has hidden touchy feelings about barred players=) hi "kids"
1 edits
Crane sorry, i wont to blame ur team, but they have players who playing at eswc wc3l etc, they quite better i think.. Legolas and coolfx stop argue.. "rat using again" damn ..
Everytime I tried to help you in everything, I'm always was respectful to your team and now it's hurt to hear from you such things.. Good luck in future bin-game.
Coolfx, skyg have talk with black, about only 1 korean player, if he agree, we can decide it in match comments " about 1 korean" nobody wanted to cheat ur team or use "Rat style" how u like to say with stranger. We have only 3 players for this match.. if we will play without koreans and u understand it, u'll take some free points.. this is really nice achieve..
Ur players voted for didnt play vs koreans, so no need to argue about rat style please any more.. lets play.
we dont care at all about ur private talks with black.
Me,Lego,FX and players DONT allow koreans :) BOTH
p.s. stop using Promt translater plz
more argue :>
Well, I can repeat one more time, if you don't understand... We don't allow to use both of Koreans.
SkyG fighting
slayer just stop it, we calculated with this
damn legolas, we understand that u didnt agree, thats why I'm blame u and ur team ^^.. Shame on you "team russia" ^^
1 edits
nice my clock isnt working ~~ thought its 16:30
1 edits
lalala gl bin gaaaaaaaame
N1 LU :-D
xaxaxa nice lu bin game :)
TM postponed by ieS
Okay. 2x2 is postponed by Bin-game.
where is the captain xD
gogo ieS.
Rob 2-1
Frizzer 0-2 Big
Slayer 0-2 Nicker
Hello dear bin-game :), we replace savior for Talon :)
ok! agree.
sting 2-0 talon
Ok. We gonna play it on Thursday @18:00cet.
Sorry i typed wrong, lets go ahead @19:00cet! Write back!
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