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Name eXpertise
Shorthandle eX
Registered since 17/03/08
Homepage http://www.go-ex.com
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Headquarters  China
Be The Dream
  2  Awards  
Penaltypoints (10.5)

28/03/10 4.5 Points Other (Rule VIII. J. Forfeiting Clanwar) ( Match )
Forfeiting 3 matches or more in a single clan war is considered for forfeiting a clan war. Forfeiting a clan war may result in the ban of the organization and corresponding players from the next season of EMS WCIP.
24/03/10 1 Point Other (Rule X.c. - Late Statement) ( Match )
Each team has to write a statement for each of their matches in the regular season of the ESL WCIP Series. This match statement has to be posted at least 24 hours but no more than 7 days before a match. This statement has to be written and saved as a match pre-report (not as comment in the match). The statement has to be in an adequate quality and should contain around 50 words. Missing, too short or inappropriate statements may result in a penalty.
11/03/10 1 Point No replay ( Match )
See rule 7.3. (Data and records)
08/03/10 1 Point Other (Delayed Postpone) ( Match )
Rule VIII. Scheduling H. Postponed games can be played until 4 days after the end of a playday (Sunday, 11:59 pm). For each 24 hours (beginning monday 00:01 am after the original deadline)a game is being played beyond the playday deadline, both clans receive 1 penalty point. In case a clan feels, that only the opposing clan caused this situation, it may send a formal complaint to a headadmin or supervisor within 48 hours in order to eventually remove the penalty point. When clans use wildcards for postponing they have to reschedule it with the opposing team captain. When a clan has no wildcards left any postponed game will be punished with 2 penalty points.
05/03/10 1 Point No replay ( Match )
See rule 7.3. (Data and records)
28/02/10 2 Points Other (Rule II. H. Wrong Game Account2) ( Match )
Conan and RIS failed to enter game account before the start of clan war. Every player must enter his Battle.Net ID and Garena ID in his ESL WCIP Premiership profile and always use the account written in the profile when playing in the ESL WCIP Premiership. If he fails to enter the Battle.Net ID and Garena ID before an upcoming season, the clan will receive 0.5 Penalty Points for every 48 hours it is delayed. (New players who join during a running season have 10 days to enter their account before the penalty stated above is effective, however it becomes effective immediately in case they are part of a lineup for a certain match before the 10 days are over.)
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IRC #eXpertise  (GameSurge)
ICQ 480134742 (Hovermoon)
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Leagues & tournaments
    WC3 WCIP Season III League 3. Closed matches: 10  (8-0-2)
    WC3 WCIP Season III Playoffs 3. Closed matches: 1  (0-0-1)
    WC3 WCIP Season IV League 10. Closed matches: 10  (4-0-6)
    WC3L Season 15 Qualify 5. Closed matches: 1  (0-0-1)
    WC3L Season 16 21.
Latest matches
  WC3L Season 16
loss   Ex-MYM.WC3  Sunday, 29/11/09 16:00 5
loss   ieS Virtual Gaming  Thursday, 26/11/09 20:00 0
loss   In memory of RAGE.eSports  Thursday, 19/11/09 20:00 0
loss   Team ALTERNATE  Sunday, 08/11/09 16:30 7
loss   Team WE (GIGABYTE)  Wednesday, 04/11/09 15:30 7
  Warcraft 3 Clanwar Summer Cup 2009
wins   ESM-Army Alliance  + 3 Friday, 21/08/09 20:00 0
wins   (bye)  Friday, 14/08/09 20:00 0
wins   lelize  + 3 Friday, 14/08/09 16:00 8
loss   Time To Die  0 Friday, 31/07/09 20:00 1
  Warcraft 3 WCIP Season IV League
loss   Teamedit..  + 1 Tuesday, 04/08/09 15:00 8
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