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16.01.07 21:13h Rheinland-Pfalz Gaming register_team  kor_
16.01.07 21:16h Rheinland-Pfalz Gaming new_member  LeXus
16.01.07 21:16h Rheinland-Pfalz Gaming new_member  resser->inaktiv
16.01.07 21:20h Rheinland-Pfalz Gaming new_member  Chuky
10.03.07 17:14h Rheinland-Pfalz Gaming change_name  kor_Hs Gatherteam
10.03.07 17:14h kor_Hs Gatherteam change_name  kor_H's Gatherteam
10.03.07 17:21h kor_H's Gatherteam new_member  slvmber
10.03.07 19:04h kor_H's Gatherteam new_member  neRo 2oo7
19.03.07 17:51h kor_H's Gatherteam change_name  kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam
19.03.07 22:08h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam new_member  Kardoffelsagg
20.03.07 13:15h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam new_member  jsn
20.03.07 15:15h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam new_member  lunatic
27.03.07 17:53h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam new_member  soNek.
10.04.07 01:03h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam new_member  Lady Delicious
24.04.07 13:33h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam new_member  KramA
26.05.07 22:06h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam new_member  R0ck3t
06.06.07 23:55h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam leave_member  jsn
06.07.07 07:51h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam leave_member  soNek.<3
06.07.07 07:51h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam leave_member  soNek.<3
19.08.07 19:39h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam leave_member  LEGEND Chuky
18.10.07 19:42h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam new_member  UNBELiEVABLE
18.10.07 19:44h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam leave_member  UNBELiEVABLE
18.10.07 23:21h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam new_member  cn
18.10.07 23:47h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam leave_member  cn
19.10.07 12:34h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam new_member  k4m
19.10.07 13:18h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam new_member  ProTo
19.10.07 14:30h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam new_member  p1anneo
19.10.07 14:39h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam new_member  Beast
19.10.07 15:00h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam new_member  jsn
19.10.07 16:10h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam new_member  m a N 1 C M 1
19.10.07 16:56h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam new_member  BaD and LoW
19.10.07 17:15h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam new_member  crunkboy67
20.10.07 11:36h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam new_member  UNBELiEVABLE
21.10.07 17:14h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam new_member  godlike
27.10.07 13:34h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam leave_member  godlike
29.10.07 01:46h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam new_member  Replica
29.10.07 21:23h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam new_member  PhilDan
30.10.07 15:41h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam new_member  sffs
30.10.07 18:42h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam leave_member  ProTo
02.11.07 19:08h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam new_member  wayn9r
03.11.07 19:51h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam new_member  NiNJA
04.11.07 20:03h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam leave_member  UNBELiEVABLE
06.11.07 12:10h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam leave_member  jsn
06.11.07 12:10h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam leave_member  jsn
06.11.07 16:38h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam leave_member  PhilDan
06.11.07 16:38h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam leave_member  PhilDan
17.11.07 21:33h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam new_member  ProTo
17.11.07 23:44h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam leave_member  ProTo
20.11.07 20:45h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam leave_member  iinstant
21.11.07 20:36h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam new_member  Wissy
26.11.07 12:20h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam leave_member  pa1nneO
29.11.07 13:56h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam leave_member  crunkboy67
18.12.07 15:43h kor_H's oldSQL Gatherteam change_name  x3 kor_H
18.12.07 15:53h x3 kor_H new_member  n4cho
03.01.08 18:13h x3 kor_H leave_member  n4cho
19.01.08 20:28h x3 kor_H leave_member  R0ck3t
09.02.08 01:26h x3 kor_H leave_member  Chuky
11.02.08 16:11h x3 kor_H leave_member  m a N 1 C M 1
18.02.08 22:37h x3 kor_H leave_member  wayneSTAR
15.03.08 00:23h x3 kor_H leave_member  qyyyyyyyyyy._
19.03.08 13:38h x3 kor_H leave_member  BaD and LoW
19.03.08 13:45h x3 kor_H new_member  BaD and LoW
20.04.08 11:22h x3 kor_H new_member  kNyze
22.04.08 16:47h x3 kor_H new_member  evilninja
26.04.08 19:42h x3 kor_H new_member  PartyB0y
16.05.08 19:17h x3 kor_H new_member  Sharky
17.05.08 02:25h x3 kor_H leave_member  BaD and LoW
19.05.08 14:13h x3 kor_H leave_member  Sharky
19.05.08 16:50h x3 kor_H new_member  BITCHSLAPERRR
19.05.08 16:51h x3 kor_H leave_member  BITCHSLAPERRR
20.05.08 14:39h x3 kor_H change_name  kor_H 's
21.05.08 16:01h kor_H 's new_member  xenoN
08.06.08 21:38h kor_H 's new_member  BITCHSLAPERRR
19.06.08 22:16h kor_H 's new_member  MEDENko
22.06.08 21:23h kor_H 's leave_member  MEDENko
24.06.08 15:59h kor_H 's new_member  unKnowNN
25.06.08 15:40h kor_H 's new_member  kRYSTAL
25.06.08 15:43h kor_H 's change_name  kor'H
25.06.08 17:00h kor'H change_name  kor 'H
27.06.08 13:45h kor 'H leave_member  unKnowNN
30.06.08 07:47h kor 'H leave_member  kRYSTAL
01.07.08 15:18h kor 'H new_member  flextor
11.07.08 23:48h kor 'H new_member  JLs
19.07.08 17:27h kor 'H leave_member  flextor
20.07.08 13:40h kor 'H leave_member  xenoN
24.07.08 20:16h kor 'H new_member  farstic
12.08.08 02:01h kor 'H new_member  Impressive
06.09.08 18:55h kor 'H new_member  USB
13.09.08 13:25h kor 'H kick_member  keev babyyy
22.09.08 21:37h kor 'H leave_member  Impressive
23.09.08 21:37h kor 'H change_name  reminding kor _H
23.09.08 21:39h reminding kor _H change_name  remember kor _H
23.09.08 21:41h remember kor _H new_member  nco
23.09.08 21:41h remember kor _H new_member  CHERRii.C0LA.x3
23.09.08 21:52h remember kor _H new_member  Kevin_R
23.09.08 23:31h remember kor _H leave_member  nco
24.09.08 00:18h remember kor _H new_member  Bad and Low
24.09.08 17:43h remember kor _H new_member  nco
30.09.08 21:23h remember kor _H leave_member  robiiiiiiiii
07.10.08 11:13h remember kor _H leave_member  BITCHSLAPERRR
10.10.08 18:08h remember kor _H leave_member  Bad and Low
30.10.08 19:47h remember kor _H leave_member  FARSTIC
26.12.08 16:41h remember kor _H leave_member  nco
16.03.09 17:54h remember kor _H leave_member  firestarterAnumbaone
19.03.09 15:12h remember kor _H leave_member  Kardoffelsagg
28.07.09 02:45h remember kor _H new_member  sonek
28.07.09 20:16h remember kor _H leave_member  sonek
03.10.09 14:08h remember kor _H leave_member  ChrizZ
12.11.09 13:26h remember kor _H new_member  summerSTAAAAAAAAR
25.07.10 16:02h remember kor _H leave_member  hiroshima
22.02.11 00:25h remember kor _H deleted_from_team  wyXa
16.01.12 07:09h remember kor _H received_award  Received award "esl_membersince_5years"
23.02.13 00:25h remember kor _H deleted_from_team  KramA
06.05.13 00:26h remember kor _H deleted_from_team  Lady Delicious
25.11.13 00:27h remember kor _H deleted_from_team  summerSTAAAAAAAAR
06.12.13 00:26h remember kor _H deleted_from_team  slvmber
19.01.15 00:26h remember kor _H deleted_from_team  Beast
04.09.15 00:28h remember kor _H deleted_from_team  lunatic

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