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King of Maps continues with Turtle Rock! The cup will be held Tuesday 31 January at 19:00 CET - Signup here!

King Of Maps!

King of Echo Isles - Friday 13 January at 19:00 CET
King Of Secret Valley - Wednesday 18 January at 19:00 CET
King of Terenas Stand - Thursday 26 January at 19:00 CET
King of Turtle Rock - Tuesday 31 January at 19:00 CET
King Of Twisted Meadows - Friday 03 February at 19:00 CET

King Of Turtle Rock!

The cup will be held Tuesday 31 January from 19:00 CET.
Important: To confirm your participation,you must check-in.
Check-in start at 18:30 CET (31 January)
Check-in close at 19:00 CET (31 January)

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Max n° Slot:16-32
Cup mode: 1on1 Single Elimination
Match mode: Best Of One (BO1)
Observers: are allowed only if both players agree. Admins can observe
Replays: The replay must be uploaded to match page immediately after the match. Penalty points will be added if players don't upload replay
1° round: 19:00
2° round: 19:45
3° round: 20:30
4° round: 21:15
Final: 22:00
Map Pool
Turtle Rock

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This channel is essential, allows you to receive informations by admin (identified with a @) in real time during the cup. When the admin, will generate the matches, you will see a link structure of the cup. Since then, the cup will begin.
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Andre // Techpriest // MuehiliMan // iNSiDe
Andre, Friday, 27/01/12 01:17
SignUp & Check-IN
comments (6)
Hey Admins check my GGC account soon as it possible , i want to play that tour ! Cheers
Cani join i late fot check ing guyss ?
Sfx_Ace gogo play
Okay ! but add me to grid , i need to contact him !
hey Sfx_Ace If you hear me come in fnatic room 02 im there ;)
Ok done , i found him ... Game starts now ..
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