1on1 Standard Weapon Cup
The second cup in the September series is the 1on1 Standard Weapon Cup! As you can tell from the name, only standard weapons will be allowed. Also, only maps that are availale for non premium users will be played, to make it easier for everyone.

1on1 Standard Weapon Cup

Registrations for the 1on1 Standard Weapon Cup will be open till
19/09/12 20:00 CET

Sign-Up 1on1 Standard Weapon Cup

Requirements to Sign Up Players have to add a warrock Game Account
Information Start Date: Wed, 19/09/12 20:00 CET
Available Slots: 32 players
Team Size: 1on1
Game Mode: CQC, Single elimination
Match Mode: 1 map, 2 sides of 5 wins each side
Weapons Allowed: See table below
Moss frequency: 2
Mappool: Bloc, Cadoro, Marien, Velruf
Structure Round 1: Wed, 19/09/12 20:00 CET
Round 2: Wed, 19/09/12 20:40 CET
Round 3: Wed, 19/09/12 21:20 CET
Round 4: Wed, 19/09/12 22:00 CET
Final: Wed, 19/09/12 22:40 CET
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HWM BlackBox

Allowed Weapons & Items
Slot 1
Slot 2
Slot 3
Slot 4


In-Game Prizes sponsored by NEXON Europe
1st Deagle Gold + M4A1 GOLD + K1 Gold (60 days)
2nd Deagle Gold + M4A1 GOLD + K1 Gold (45 days)
3rd Deagle Gold + M4A1 GOLD + K1 Gold (30 days)
4th Deagle Gold + M4A1 GOLD + K1 Gold (15 days)

Cup Awards

   Take part in 5, 50 or 250 cups to earn this award. It doesn't matter if you won the whole cup or are knocked out in the first round!

   Win 25, 100 or 250 cup matches, to earn this award.

   To win this award, you need to reach our Hall of Fame a few times. This award is not automatic and needs to be requested.

Hall Of Fame

WarRock Hall of Fame

Admins Support

If you have any question or doubt, you can contact the following admins: Desit, Clinton05x, Revolt, Chackiwinja, Defqon, nohope92 and vizine.

Best Regards, your War Rock

Chackiwinja, Wednesday, 12/09/12 23:46
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comments (14)
Erakez wrote:
Erakez wrote:
Can't play, school days :/
Sector wrote:
Can't play, school days :/

Warrock is ur school, and im ur teacher xD
Linuux wrote:
Sector wrote:
Can't play, school days :/

Warrock is ur school, and im ur teacher xD

and im ur director :PP

GL All. Hope for no flame in this cup.

(So Help the admins and dont cry so , cooperate and dont argue)
#6 nice dream
Just curious, but seeing as it is a school day for most people, if the cup gets delayed and your match was meant to start at 20.00 / 20.40, and you have to go to bed, is it going to be that rule where you get no-showed, or you are allowed to replay the match the next day? Because if people dont have the risk of getting pps for no-show, they might actually sign up.

Just my opinion.
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#8 This is a night cup, thus all matches are forced on the specified date.
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Ricki wrote:

Mata wrote:
Ricki wrote:


Ronaldo should be eating pizza while being slain by a viking?
nice cup :)
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