2on2 khyber corner cup : Result
The 2on2 khyber corner has finished and we have our winner, they are Hide & Seek, they defeated Lets do it in the final by a single round! there 3rd round match was deleated because of a player breaking engagments. Remember we have more cups coming soon, so make sure you sign up to them and have a chance to win esl premium!

Final Match 2on2 khyber Corner Cup #1

Monday, 11/06/12 22:00
Status: closed

 stop smoking my.. (#1)[9:8] Lets do it (#2)

The podium

2on2 khyber Corner Cup #1

Lets do it stop smoking my weed granny None

Prizes for Winners

ESL Premium Account
2*1 Month for the Winners 1st

To get your prize, please open a support ticket.

Hall Of Fame

WarRock Hall of Fame

Admin Support

If you have any question or doubt, you can contact the following admins: Desit, Clinton05x, Revolt Chackiwinja, Defqon, nohope92, vizine, and Ricki.

Best Regards, your War Rock

Revolt, Friday, 22/06/12 15:16
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Hall of Fame has to be updated or what? Cuz, we're still not in the full ranking.
It will get updated after the cup series is over
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