VERSUS: The winners of the ROCCAT Kulo headset
All you had to do in order to enter the raffles was to play the VERSUS in the period between 15th and 29th January. You could play in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 or War Rock and now we have the two winners of each raffle. Together they played 104 matches, so congratulation to both of them.

The winners

War Rock
45 players joined the raffle by playing at least 50 matches during the two weeks and the winner is I5xovc with 52 matches. Overall we have 354 matches during that period.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
In MW3 we had 180 players, who had 50 or more matches in the two weeks and the winner has 52 matches - SuZaKu. In that period the players played 3,710 matches.

Congratulation to both players

The prize for the VERSUS race

Roccat GmbH is a manufacturer of gaming peripherals and accessories best known for their high-end computer mouse Roccat™ Kone.

Immerse yourself in the gameplay and experience more! With the ROCCAT™ Kulo USB headset you get impressive virtual 7.1 surround sound plus an ultra-lightweight headset with super-soft on-ear padding and automatic mic-mute function.

The external 7.1 USB sound card delivers thrilling surround sound with separately adjustable levels. You hear footsteps behind you to the left, a rustle, shouts – you’ll hear the enemy before you see him. More often than not, your virtual life hangs by a silken thread. The ROCCAT™ Kulo USB headset makes the difference and gives you a clear advantage over stereo gamers.

ROCCAT™ Kulo – The origin:
The product name is based on the Finnish word Kuulo meaning listening or hearing.

bLackhawk, Wednesday, 01/02/12 14:36
Play MW3 in VERSUS
Play War Rock in VERSUS
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Gj Suzaku :D
Hehe thanks mate =)
FU >:(
Suzaku you lucky lucky boy lol.
GJ Suzaku <3
congrats :D
Hehe Reaper you jelly bro? <3
fuuuuuuuuu.jpg! gz :(
Nice suzaku,now you gotta keep you're promiss,and offer me those phones!!!
Sure. You can have my old 1's that are held together by ducktape...
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lucky prick. xD
Gothika wrote:
lucky prick. xD

Hehe you know it <3
suzakuuuuu <3 n1 m8
GG Sux !!
Haha aww Sux <33 Gj bro but every1 loves me hehe <3
eu sou portugues tambem caralho fodas-se
Mas eu nao sou caralho!
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