1on1 / 2on2 Cup NEW!
Time for another cup, and again we are bringing out a new cup. You will sign up with your 2on2 partner, but you will play 1on1s vs the other team. But incase of a tie, you will finish the match with a 2on2! As it is a new cup, please make sure you read the rules carefully! they are posted below

1on1 / 2on2 Cup NEW!

Start Date:
  • Start: Tuesday, 24/01/12 19:00 CET
  • Match Mode: 1 map, 2 sides of 3 wins each side

  • Modus:
    • Available Slots: 32 Teams
    • Team Size: 2on2 (1on1 Playing)
    • Moss frequency: 2
    • In case of draw : match game will go on by playing an overtime of 2 side, 3 wins each, untill you have a winner on that map.

  • Support ticket

  • Restrictions:
    • None

    • Sign Up: Sign Up Here Sign Up open till Tuesday, 24/01/12 18:30 CET
      Mappool: Random

      Attention: ESL Wire And Moss are mandatory!

    Special Cup Rules

    This is a 1on1/2on2 Cup, you will work as a 2, but you will battle by playing 1on1's but if needed, you will end the match with a 2on2. How it works:

    Player 1 of team A vs. player 1 of team B
    Player 2 of team A vs. player 2 of team B
    Player 1 of team A vs. player 2 of team B
    Player 2 of team A vs. player 1 of team B
    If needed incase of a draw, you will play a 2on2.

    Possible results are: 3:0, 3:1 or 3:2.

    Each player from each team will 1on1 both opponents from the other team. Each match will be 1 map, 2x3 (you cannot draw, if you draw you must play again untill you win!), if you win, you get 1 point for your team, the team who gets to 3 points will progress to the next round.

    ESL Wire Anti-Cheat

    ESL Wire Anti-Cheat is mandatory for all players to use for the full duration of all matches without exception. If a player cannot use ESL Wire Anti-Cheat then he is not allowed to take part in a match.

    Download ESL Wire Anti-Cheat
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Download Moss
    frequency 2

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    Admins Support

    If you have any question or doubt, you can contact the following admins: nohope92, Desit, Masnak, Clinton05x, Revolt, Chackiwinja,Defqon, and Rainbow

    Best Regards, your War Rock

    Revolt, Saturday, 14/01/12 23:45
    comments (10)
    Nice done.
    gj admins, new ideas are good ;)
    tnx guys ^^
    Awesome cup!
    1 edits
    NICE CUP :)!
    Player A : 4x 2x3 rounds
    Player B : 4x 2x3 rounds

    DRAW= 2on2

    Awesome idea ^^
    It's not about the rounds, right?
    If you win the map you get one points.
    THats nice.
    #8 Correct
    Good job admins!
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